And So It Begins....

Well if you've made it here, you're either here because:

1.) You heard we are adopting another angel and you are so excited to walk this journey with us


2.) You think we've lost our minds and we are just plain old good entertainment!

Either way...we are glad you are reading along from day one of this new, beautiful, messy, life-changing journey to adopt our second little girl. There will be smiles and there will be trials....and in the end, a little girl and her family will become one....and so it begins....


  1. Oh My Goodness - You Beautiful Little Girl Miss Laina Hope!!! Your Mommy, Daddy and Sister Zoya found YOU - YAY!!!!

  2. I cannot think of a better journey to be on. I'm so over the moon thrilled for you guys!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I am just speechless! Oh how wonderful! I cant believe it! You guys Rock!
    I cant wait for it all, the journey, the process, the pictures, Zoya with her beautiful sister. OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just am so happy!


    Be blessed


  4. Oh My word! Sarah, I'm so EXCITED for you guys!
    As soon as We saw Madison and I both jumped up and screamed! I'm so excited to follow your Journey for yet a second time! :) Laina and Zoya are gonna be two of the cutest sisters EVER!
    Prayers to you guys!
    Love Amanda

  5. This is WONDERFUL!!!! YAY! Looking forward to following your journey!

  6. So, so, so excited for you all!!


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