Beach Giveaway Update and More FAQs

A lot of people have been asking me if you can donate through the button to the right on this blog for the beach giveaway. Yes you can....BUT if you do, make sure you go over to THIS POST ON KATIE'S BLOG to leave a comment with how much you donated...that's the only way you'll be entered into the contest. When you donate with the button on our page (to the right) I can't see who donated or how much....that information all goes to Reece's Rainbow, not to me.  With the chip-in button on Katie's page, I can tell who donates and how much.  So to make sure you get your chance to win, make sure you leave a comment on Katie's blog.

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated...I can't WAIT to see who wins!!!!! Remember, let me know if you share the giveaway link (either on my blog or Katie's) and you'll be entered to win your choice of a $25 gift card to Target, Best Buy, or Starbucks :)

Are you taking Zoya with you to Eastern Europe for Laina's adoption?
No. We debated it for one hot second and then knew it just wouldn't be in Zoya's best interest. I'd love to have her with us for obvious reasons....but with her need for routine, anxiety she's been having, along with some PTSD would be the worst thing we could do for her. If she does have PTSD that would be awful to throw her back into that language, which is a strong trigger for higher anxiety in kids who are adopted and show signs of PTSD. Adoption travel in the country we are going to is VERY UNPREDICTABLE to say the least. It takes about 24 hours of travel to even get there and then there is a 7 hour time change. It is hard for us as adults to make it through all that, and it wouldn't be a fair expectation for Zoya at this point in time. For Zoya's adoption it was go-go-go non stop at times. We often didn't have time to eat or take a potty break....and sat in freezing cold cars waiting for hours at a time.  We took overnight trains and planes within the country and functioned on little sleep and certainly an unpredictable schedule.  It will be the hardest thing we've ever done....since we've never even left Zoya overnight before....but my best friend is staying at the house with Zoya (and is like an aunt to Zoya) and I know Zoya will be in great hands here. We plan on making videos of us talking to her, singing to her, reading to her, etc. so she can watch one a day while we are gone. We are also going to skype every day so she knows we are still present in some way. I know it won't be easy for Zoya, or for us, but we are praying for God's peace for all 3 of us.

What other plans do you have to raise enough money for the adoption?A very fair question considering we're asking others for financial support through this giveaway....and a good question for other families in the adoption process as well...I'll share what we're doing....

First of all, we have cut out a lot of things we don't "need."  We changed our cable and Internet plan to be paying a LOT less than we were. We cut our grocery bill in half and I'm trying my best at couponing (any tips are appreciated!). We aren't going out to eat unless we have a gift card or coupon. We are saving every penny we can. Shawn is picking up extra hours at work when they're available. I changed my student loan repayment plan to pay half of what I was paying. We also redid Shawn's W2 so less taxes are taken our for the remainder of the year...which means we'll get less back at tax time but more back now, which is what we need. We are putting a set amount from each paycheck right into savings and this will be a big chunk of what we need.

I will be selling Yankee Candles (tax-free) like I did with Zoya's adoption to try and raise some hope is that part of the money we raise from selling candles will go toward the orphanage donation fee ($1,000) and some "extra" things Laina's orphanage needs (clothes, diapers, etc.). This money will go directly to our Reece's Rainbow FSP account.

A beautiful engagement ring/wedding band set was donated to us to try and sell to raise funds as well. (If you're interested...let me know ;) It is valued at $4,625!!! We are blessed to have this donation!

We are getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday and selling things we sure love but don't need. Things are just things in the end and ya can't take them with you anyways. there are some of the things we're doing....

How did you decide on her name?
I'm planning a separate post for this :)

Please leave any other questions in the comments section!!!

Getting closer sweet Laina-chicky!


  1. SO very exciting! And great little tips on saving...Lord knows I need them!


  2. Just went through several of your posts on Laina's site...thanks for making me chuckle. It felt good....(the slightly sarcastic adoption related post) is darn good!!!! Yeah, we are all doing this because we heard that when you have 2 or more special needs children, life gets easier. It doesn't get easier, but it get's more fulfilling and it is full of blessings....they just don't know!


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