Do you want to stay here???? It is seriously the next best place to heaven!!! 

Look at this view!!!!!!

Okay, so remember that BEAUTIFUL beach trip we had? You can see pictures HERE and HERE. And I told you about how we won the trip and an amazing woman named Katie, who is donating a 4-night stay in her fabulous Panama City Beach, FL condo HERE. Katie has a huge heart for orphans and is doing all she can to help bring orphans home! Katie contacted me and told me she wanted to do another beach giveaway to help us raise funds to bring Laina home. I was so humbled when she offered to do this.

We jumped into this adoption with both feet and no reservations because God promised us he would take care of the details....finances included. He is providing the funds we need to complete this adoption. And I am so amazed because we recently got word that we need to complete our paperwork as quickly as possible because Laina needs heart surgery and we need to get her home to get it done....So we were able to get a medical letter stating Laina's needs and hopefully this will help us to get our paperwork though USCIS very quickly. While we are so excited about getting her home sooner, we realize that we need to meet our financial need MUCH quicker than we first anticipated.....and then the day after hearing this...Katie emailed me and offered to do this giveaway.....JUST BLOWS ME AWAY with how faithful God is and how he has each step planned out, even if we can't predict or imagine whats next!


Go TO KATIE'S BLOG and read all about how you can win this trip! For each $10 donation you give, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a 4 night stay at their beautiful condo in Panama City Beach, FL (the same one we had the pleasure of staying in!).

AND, if you use your blog or facebook or twitter to spread the word of this giveaway and link to Katie's blog, you can win a $25 gift card to your choice of the following:

Best Buy

Just leave a comment here with a link to where you shared the beach giveaway (facebook, your blog, etc). For each place you share the giveaway I will enter your name into the drawing for the gift card! Thanks friends!!! And thank you Katie for your gracious offer!!!

**EDIT** If you don't have a paypal account but you'd still like to donate, you can send a check to
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
Write "Basile Family" in the memo and then let Katie know how much you donated on her blog!!


  1. Shared on facebook.

    be blessed


  2. Shared on google + too. Sorry but I dont tweet.

    Be blessed


  3. Hi! Saw your post on the RR forum.
    Tweeted @ Jesus_is_Alive.
    (Sorry I don't have a blog or FB page.)
    Praying for a a very successful fundraiser!
    Angie R.

    (wifeofworldsbesthusband at hotmail dot com)

  4. Just shared on FB:

    And will add it to my giveaways tab on my blog

  5. Hi Sarah. I am new to you- found this blog via Andrea from RR on Facebook. I am so excited to follow your journey, I just asked Andrea the other day when this angels family was going to be announced! She is a dolly! I posted her pic on my Facebook just a couple weeks ago, I knew she'd be scooped up in a hurry! I will be praying for all your requests, and donating as I am able. Congratulations!


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