Oh My, I'm going to have TWO daughters!

Yes I realize this is not new news....but it just hit me tonight as I was hanging up curtains in Laina's room! The crib is up, the walls are painted, and now we have curtains :) The colors in her room are pink, green, and a touch of brown. It looks so girly and special and I can't wait to see our Laina-chicky sleeping peacefully in her new room....a room all for herself....made up with lots of love and special touches just for her. I walked out of her room and passed Zoya's room on my way downstairs....I froze for a second, turned and walked back to Laina's room. I thought oh my gosh I am going to have TWO girls!

I took a moment to stop and soak it all in.  I smiled remembering 5 and a half years ago as Shawn and I walked through on a tour of the empty house dreaming of one day having those empty rooms decorated and alive with children. Little did we know they'd be occupied by two extra-special little girls. I couldn't have ever imagined life this beautiful. Not only are our rooms filled, but our hearts are filled as well...with love and hope and happiness...as we dream of what the next 5 and a half years will bring.

Laina, we are so excited to bring you home. Your extra special little nest is being made right now as we wait to bring you home. You have a big sister who says "baby" every time she walks into your room. You have a mama and dada who dream of rocking you to sleep in the big brown comfy chair next to your crib. You have itty bitty clothes in your dresser just waiting to be worn.  You have everything you'll ever need waiting for you right here. And we'll have everything we'll ever need once you're here with us. I pray you're safe and happy, well fed and snuggled. I hope you're heart is being prepared for us just as ours are for you. Every thought of our future includes you. I can't wait to watch your personality unfold. Until we meet....sweet dreams my little girl.


  1. Mama of TWO! So excited for you!



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