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I read that you had sent the birthparents a letter. Is this different from Zoyas adoption or you were just fortunate enough to contact them?
We did send a letter, yes. This is way different than Zoya's adoption and different than most adoptions through Reece's Rainbow in Eastern Europe. Her birth parents are very involved and want her to have a hopeful future in America, so Reece's Rainbow requested that interested parents send a family profile. We wrote them a letter telling about ourselves and about how well Zoya is doing. We sent some pictures as well. We will likely meet her birth family when we travel, which is an amazing opportunity. It will also be a somewhat "open" adoption as we will at least send them updates over the years as they wish. This is a huge opportunity to begin a relationship with the birth parents and show them how capable children with DS are, as well as how loved and accepted they are here. This is a chance to make a huge ripple with a small pebble! I can't even imagine what it will be like to meet her birth will probably be one of those life changing moments that never fade from my memory.  With Zoya's adoption, the birth mother abandoned her right after she was born and no father was ever listed on her birth certificate. So we have two opposite ends of the spectrum here.    

Also is she ok, health wise? I see the ng tube.
We have heard that she will need heart surgery, but it is unclear exactly what the heart defect is. We are hoping she can wait until she is home to have the surgery (at which point I will be calling on all my OHS-experienced mamas to help me get through) but she will go to a cardiology appointment in her country and they will determine if she can wait or not. I do not know if she still has the NG tube or not. It is also unclear why she needs/needed the tube. I am assuming bc of her low muscle tone (which is common with DS) paired with her heart condition, she may not have had enough energy or strength to eat on her own, but that is all speculation on my part.

Is she 2 months old or is that when the picture was taken and one old will she be when you finally bring her home?
I am not sure when the picture was taken but she is 2 and a half months old right now. We are trying to work at lightening speed to get our dossier put together and get USCIS approval due to the heart condition, and just because I can't even wait any longer to meet her! haha. Our hope is to travel in the fall...hopefully October/November, but adoption timelines are so uncertain and we just have no way of knowing what God's plan is. If we travled then, we could bring her home November/December and she would be 7-8 months old at that point. If we could get USCIS approval within a month (last time it took 2 months) we could be ready to submit in September and possibly travel even sooner than Oct/Nov.  I'm thinking October...I don't know why but thats what I keep thinking...maybe its wishful thinking or maybe its my intuitive-ness....LOL that didn't make much sense!

Is she from Russia?

Where does she live now?
She is in Eastern Europe :) That's all I'm allowed to say.

On the Reece's Rainbow site it is said that her parents wish so much that their daughter will be adopted... Could they keep her until then, so that she would not have to live in an orphanage and feel love and learn to bond in her first month?
It isn't an option for her to stay with her birth parents. To be eligible for adoption the parents would have to terminate rights and she would have to reside in the orphanage. I just know the birth parents love her greatly and leaving her there must be very hard for them, but they likely realize it is the only way she can be adopted.

I absolutely love the T-shirt!!! Where did you find it???
HERE. It is from cafe press, but if you order it from their actual website its more expensive, so I found it way cheaper on ebay under the same seller.


  1. This is so cool. Meeting birthparents is a life changing moment. I will never forget meeting my son's birthparents. His bmom even comes over with her family to visit. Will you take them something? I got the bmom a necklace and bdad a Bible. I am so excited for you. How did this all start? Did you both want to adopt again? Did God speak to the both of you or just one? Im so interested. This is great! I bet Zoya will LOVE being a big sister!!!

    Be blessed


  2. We are also adoption through Reece's Rainbow and my advice to you is get working on your FBI back ground checks as soon as you can. That has taken us the longest. We got our USCIS clearance before we got our FBI background checks back. If you have any questions I would love to talk more.


  3. Wishing you a very speedy and smooth adoption process! Can't wait until you get this sweet little peanut home with her big sister!

  4. With our 2 EE adoptions, we had similar experiences with the birth families. W/ our first adoption, the birth parents were visiting Elijah regularly. When they found out about international adoption and the chance he would have here, then they selflessly terminated their rights. We are still in contact with them and have skyed a few times. Meeting them at the orphanage was very, very difficult. Both us moms were a blubbering mess. :-) But we were able to see them again on our second adoption, which was a real blessing and a special treat. The birth mom of Jonathan was single and terminated rights at the hospital.


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