Dossier is on it's Way!!!

We just returned home from Harrisburg. We got 37 documents apostilled in a half hour this morning! I was worried the "apostiller" wouldn't be thrilled when we walked in first thing Monday morning with all those documents, but they were great and had our documents apostilled in record time!

Hey we were bored!

When our buzzer went off so quickly I got worried something was wrong, but they were just super fast. We double and triple checked out documents to make sure the apostilles matched the document they were stapled to...and they were! Then we gave our "baby" a kiss, prayed a quick prayer over it, and off we went to DHL!
Here is our second baby!

A kiss for good luck (what? Nancy told me I had to and I listen to everything my stateside helper says!)

Heading into DHL to send off our dossier!!

And I'd say from the pictures Aunt Jen-Jen sent, Zoya had a great time and forgot that we were even gone! (Except for her little bit of sadness at bedtime......) This little "practice" run of leaving Zoya has me feeling a tad better about having to leave her when we travel, but it was still hard!!!
She loves her Xavier!

So lucky to have Aunt Jen-Jen and X!
Our dossier SHOULD arrive by Friday, but praying for 2 days! :) Just because!


  1. SO SO excited that everything went so smoothly!


  2. PTL!!! Soon! I cant wait to hear more, I cant wait to see you with your baby and to see Zoya as a new big sister!

    Be blessed

  3. Awe looks like sweet Zoya had a good time with her Auntie! I'm so glad that it all went so well. Sure makes you feel good knowing she is in such great capable hands.

    You guys are so silly.


  4. Woot! Praying for a speedy delivery!


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