Dreaming about You....

Dear Laina,

I made a list of some of the things I can't wait to do with you when you're home....just you and I! Here they are:

1. Take you on a walk with the fall leaves changing and pick out a special one just for you.

2. Snuggle you on the porch during a thunderstorm while Daddy is working and your sister is napping.

3. Turn on the fire and watch the snowflakes drift down from heaven from our nice warm house of love.

4. Find our own special song to dance to every night before you fall asleep.

5. Go for a late night car ride and listen to Delilah.

6. Lay on a blanket in the front yard and admire your perfection.

7. Light a pumpkin spice candle and read you Uncle Bub's favorite story, "Goodnight Moon."

8. Wrap you up in the softest pink blanket and watch you sleep for hours.

9. Sing "you are my sunshine" while rocking you in the big brown chair.

10. Stare at you long enough to memorize every crease, line, and dimple.

I have some big plans when you get here sweet girl! I think your Daddy will be jealous because I'm not going to want to share you with anyone elses arms!! I love you already more than all the stars in the sky! We are coming soon, hang on baby girl!


  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! I sure do LOVE you Girl!!! This is a beautiful post and Sweet Laina is just so BLESSED to have you!!!!!

  2. love this...and the leaves, we call them tree stars...just in case you wanted to steal that. Next time I am driving around listening to Delilah I will think of you and your beautiful princess girl.

    p.s. steer clear of anointing therapists... they are always up to no good. :)

  3. so beautiful, what lucky girls Zoya and Laina are to have you and Shawn for their parents.


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