Garage Sale Day! and Happy Anniversay :)

We prepared for hours for our garage sale today....we didn't do as well as we had hoped but still raised $487 toward Miss Laina's adoption!!!! We were hoping to raise our $890 immigration fees from today's sale but fell a little short. I just looked at our FSP and someone donated $200 today!!! Thank you to whoever donated....we are blessed beyond belief!  God's timing is perfect. It seems when we start to get a little worried or frustrated or anxious about how things will all fall into place, He comes through loud and clear with a nice little reminder that we should just trust and let go! Things are moving very quickly and for reasons I can't yet write about we are really hoping to travel possibly NEXT MONTH....IF USCIS comes through with a very speedy approval....our dossier is just about done and our only hold up will be waiting for USCIS approval. Please pray that the medical expedite letter will really speed things up for our process. Please pray that our USCIS officer will work quickly once they receive our application.

As I watched many of our things walk off the driveway with their new owners today I thanked God that we were so blessed to have so many things in the first place to be able to sell. I thanked God for friends who donated items and took their time think about us and help in their own way. I thanked God for the way he has moved in my heart to care less about material things and more about love.

I thought about how six years ago today Shawn and I stood before all of our family and friends and took vows to love one another forever. I thought about how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband who would do anything for me, and also for his sweet girls. I wondered if it meant we were old and married since we were having a garage sale on our anniversary, then I realized theres nothing else I'd rather be doing than working together with the love of my life to bring our daughter home...even if it meant sitting on our porch and selling some of our things :)

 I thought about how it was fun to make some lady so happy by giving away a little cat statue that she would sure cherish much more than I ever would have (and I'm going to keep an eye out on the new show "Hoarders" for her haha). I thought a lot about Laina and I watched friends and neighbors snuggle their babies who were twice the size of Laina. I thought about how tiny she is and how I can't believe this is all happening so quickly and how, God willing, very soon she could be in our arms!! I thought about how I know God has only revealed little pieces of His plan regarding this adoption and how I'm thankful for that. 

So although we didn't meet our goal today with the yard sale, I know we are blessed beyond measure and today helped me remember that!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Its my 6 year anniversary today too! Congrats on the sale today. Cannot wait to see your sweet Laina come home. :-) So glad things are moving quickly!

  2. Happy Anniversay, Sarah! We spent ours with our 3 boys loaded up in the van driving to the state capitol getting our dossier apostilled...I think God loves giving us little reminders of what love truly is, giving of yourself, dying to self, doing for others... So thankful He reveals His heart to us just when we need to see it and not a minute before... You are so blessed.

  3. Happy Anniversary to a great couple--I feel so blessed to know you both.

  4. Happy Anniversary. I'm glad your yard sale went well. Praying for you 4.


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