Got it!!

Did you know express mail is not delivered by your regular mailman? I found that out when I called the post office in a panic after our mail came today and the anticipated envelope wasn't there. The guy said well it's not 3pm yet. And I said I KNOW BUT THE MAIL ALREADY CAME!!! And he so nicely said that is because a different mailman will bring your express mail. I almost tackled the guy who walked up to the neighbors house with a white envelope but he was indeed where he was meant to be and the package was not for me! :) We waited out on the front porch as the envelope was promised by 3:00. At 2:07 I started getting really worried....finally at about 2:30 it came!! The guy was looking at us funny probably thinking what are they so eager for? I told Shawn to tell him he was delivering our divorce papers and we just couldn't wait to get them signed....but he didn't say that! LOL.

And you know you've entered the crazy world of adoption when you tell your husband (who is on his way to the post office to mail the package) "if you get in an accident make sure it's on the way home and not on the way to the post office." DID I REALLY SAY THAT? Oh my I'm afraid I did! And this isn't even the dossier!!! When we send our dossier I'm going to have to medicate myself! Aiy!

One step closer Laina!


  1. Divorce papers, oh guys stop it you're cracking me up!

    Oh my goodness! No accidents at all please!

    Just help yourself to some of Mya's medication! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Too funny! I can just picture you sitting waiting.. Lurking and stalking the mailman.

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! Funny! Glad it came!


  4. It's time to break out the benadryl. Not for Mya, FOR YOU!


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