Here We Come Harrisburg!

Well Shawn and I are off to drive 5.5 hours to Harrisburg to get our 37 documents apostilled Monday. We will leave Sunday evening and spend the night in Harrisburg and then turn around and come home the following day after apostilling and MAILING OFF OUR DOSSIER!!! In case you were wondering, it has only been SIX WEEKS since we committed to Laina! What a whirlwind these last six weeks have been! WOW! We spent tonight going through our dossier one last time, organizing our documents and double and triple checking them. We wrote a check for $555.00, the cost to have 37 documents apostilled (that is in addition to the 8 documents we already had apostilled)....ALMOST $700.00 in total for gold stickers...sheesh!  But Laina is more than worth it!!

We will be leaving Zoya overnight for the first time ever :( But I figure we better get a practice run in for at least a night before leaving her for weeks [insert hyperventilating here]. ANDTHATSALLIAMGOINGTOSAYBECAUSEIMIGHTCRY!

If all goes as planned, our dossier should arrive in Eastern Europe by the end of the week!!! Prayers welcome. Thank you friends!


  1. This is so exciting!!!!! Yay!!! Praying for safe travels and continued speedy processing of papers.

  2. Travel safe you two. Praying that Zoya does well overnight, this will be good for her to see that you guys will return home to her.

    Be careful, good luck and have a good time knowing you are another steo closer to Laina.


  3. Prayers! I can't believe how fast it's going! I love seeing it all unfold!


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