Laina's Locker: Hair Bow Holder

For all of you with little girls and a million need this!! Zoya has so many bows that I had to come up with an organization plan for them! I made this for her and I just love it because it is easy to organize and find her bows.

Isn't it perfect??
Think christmas gift or birthday gift...
handmade with love and proceeds going toward Miss Laina's adoption!

Sooooo....I have some supplies if you'd like a pretty bow holder! You can order anywhere from 1-4 frames (4 frames pictured above). You can decide what word or design or letter(s) you'd like on your bow holder. Some examples are:

*The letter of your child's first name (if you have more than one child you could do one for each)
*heart, star, flower, fleur di lis, etc.
*Words such as: joy, love, hope, diva, hair, bows
*Child's name (if 4 letters or less)'s the deal. I have blue, pink, and green frames (4 of each). They do not have matting like my example above. They are 4x6 inches and the ribbon is approximately 13 inches long. They have hardware on the back to hang on a nail.  The pricing will be as follows:

$12 for 1 frame
$20 for 2 frames
$27 for 3 frames
$35 for 4 frames

+$2 for shipping (add $1/frame over 1 frame)
You can either choose a design pictured below or custom design your bow holder! If you want to custom design yours, please let me know what color frame(s), general color scheme, what picture/letter(s)/word you'd like, and what ribbon. If you like one of the ones you see, you can order that specific one. The three samples below are just single frames, just for the sake of not wanting to waste materials guessing at what others would like!

Pink and Green Fleur di Lis

Blue and Pink Heart:

Green and Pink Flower:

These are the ribbons I currently have available:

Leave a comment or email me at spbasile at gmail dot com if you're interested!


  1. Beautiful idea Sarah!


  2. Very Cute! I would love to get on with the letter "B" for my daughter Berkeley. Only issue is her room is Pastel Pink and chocolate brown. Any way to get any of those color combos? If so please send an invoice to my paypal.. thanks....

    More of an idea of the colors would be on

    .. its the petal and brown combo :)

  3. Sarah I would like to order 2 frames one for my daughter Gwendolynn with a "G" and for my friend's young daughter Hanna with an "H". Please let me know what I need to do to pick color combinations.

    Lauren Tharan


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