Laina's Locker: Weighted Blankets

Laina's locker is our newest fundraiser!  Laina's locker is full of cool gifts waiting to be sold.  Christmas is only FOUR MONTHS start shopping now!  My great friend Shelly and I are going to be making some great gifts to sell to raise funds for laina's adoption. Shelly has already spent hours making these beautiful weighted blankets!

Our weighted lap blankets are :
*made in a smoke free home
*made from fabric washed in dye free soap,
*measure 17" square
*filled with poly plastic beads
*weighing in at 3 lbs.
100% washable and hang dry only
priced at $30 which includes shipping
(all money minus shipping will go directly to Laina's adoption fund) 
These blankets work wonderfully for children with sensory issues and are often at least 3 times the price of what you can find them for here!  The weight from the blanket helps to calm a child because it gives them a sense of where their body is in space.
To order a blanket please leave me a message in the comment box or email me at spbasile at with your contact information and which blanket you are interested in. When that blanket has been sold I will write "sold" under that photo. You may send payment through the chip-in button on the right side of the blog labeled "Laina's Locker."

 Mickey Mouse-SOLD!!



Red and Denim--SOLD!

Yellow Daisies-SOLD!

Pink and Red

Orange and Blue Flowers


Mickey Mouse 2-SOLD!!

Black, White, and Red

Pink and Brown Cupcake

Butterflies 2--SOLD!

Green and Pink


More from Laina's Locker coming in the next several weeks!! Thank you!


  1. Please let me know if I could send you some things for Laina's Locker! You can check out the kinds of things I make here:

  2. I would love donations :) Please email me spbasile at gmail dot come...thanks!!

  3. I am seriously thinking about that cowboy one - so cute!

  4. I'll take one for sure--maybe two. I'll e-mail when I've decided.... :)

  5. Hi! I was wondering if I can request a weighted blanket that has either robots or airplanes on it... I don't see your email, so please email me! :-) davis.adopt@ g

  6. Save the monkey one for me, please! I'll email you in the morning... :)

  7. Kendi, I will mark it sold and wait for your email :)
    Vinnie's Warriors-still waiting to hear from Shelly if she has robot or airplane material :)

  8. I took ours to our OT appt. this week, and the OT was impressed. Please pass this on.... :)

  9. Do you do any larger ones for a 3 year old? Please email me at Thanks.


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