Letter to Laina from Her Big Sister

Dear Laina,

Hi I'm your big sister! Mama and Daddy have been talking a lot about you. I like your pretty room. It has a big tree on the wall with owls and love birds. Every time I go in there I like to say your name. I keep sitting in the big brown chair rocking with mama just dreaming about you. Mama made up a song called "Where is Laina?" and we sing it just waiting for you. I know you're a baby and I think that's pretty cool because I LOVE babies and I've always wanted one just like you. I will try to be a good helper and not squeeze you too hard but you have to know something about me...when I see babies, I just get so excited and I have so much love that sometimes I squeeze too hard, but I'm working on it. I like looking in the bassinet and saying "baby" or "Laina" because that's where you'll sleep. When Mommy asks me what my sister's name is I proudly say "Laina" except it sounds like "Naina" because I'm still working on it. I've been thinking of some things we can do when you get home and I have so much to show you. First I will show you how to get Daddy wrapped around your little baby finger...but you might not need much help because you look pretty cute in the picture Mama shows me every day and I think Daddy will just melt. Also, I have to show you how to lock Daddy out on the deck because I figured out how to do that all by myself and it is a fun game to play. Oh one more thing, I recently learned how to undress myself and hide my clothes in my crib when I should be napping.  I will show you that trick first! I can't wait until you come home and we can be double the trouble but double the love! I already love you little sister!

Love your big sister,


  1. Oh these two are going to be the dynamic duo..

    I doubt that Laina will have a hard time wrapping Daddy around her finger at all, something tells me that she already does and little Laina just doesn't know it yet. Although I'm sure Ms. Zoya can give her some good tips in that dept, she does it so well that guys melt when around her. :)

    Soon baby girl you will have that big sister just loving on you all the time.

  2. So sweet <3



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