Mailbox Addiction...I'm a stalker!

Okay so I need to find some serious help for this addiction that has become quite a problem. I'm addicted to waiting for the mail.  I have all the symptoms of a typical addict:

Symptom # 1
Unable to meet responsibilities at home, school or office. Check! I can't focus on anything else other than wondering when the mail will come and if it will have our USCIS receipt or fingerprint appointment. (The only responsibility I can keep up with is eating large portions of frozen peanut butter pie.)

Symptom # 2
Has tried but failed to end the behavior. Check! As soon as the mail comes and the documents I'm waiting for are NOT there, all I can do is count down the hours until the next mail shipment the following day (and eat peanut butter pie while I try to drown my sorrows).

Symptom #3
Becomes irritable or irrational in thoughts when going through withdrawals. Check! I get pretty bummed and annoyed when I get the mail and the documents we are waiting for are still not there. Steer Clear! (And the peanut butter pie ONLY takes away the craving for the mailbox obsession for a few moments).

Symptom #4
You find yourself doing things you would have never done without the addiction. What? It is not normal to have your mailman's phone number and plan on a place to meet to get your mail early?? This might also be a sign of a stalker as well...not sure.  (Peanut butter pie will NOT be left in the mailbox as a bribe because it is usually eaten all up before the mail comes at noon but it's a nice thought). (Seriously though we have the best mail-lady ever...she was adopted herself and we've been able to share stories through the common bond and she so eagerly helps us when we need her help!)

"There is no cure for an addiction. Treatment and counseling can help an addict to learn how to control their behavior, withstand impulses and recognize the presence of a problem, but an addict is never cured. Treating an addiction can take years and requires ongoing support from friends, families and support groups."

Just great. It seems hopeless for me.

"Living with an addiction requires a daily commitment and there is always the possibility of relapsing. An addict that has been "clean" for even 20 years can succumb to temptation just as they did decades before."

Even better. Sorry Shawn.

The good news is, even though we didnt' receive our fingerprint notice or receipt in the mail today, our USCIS officer told me we were scheduled for our fingerprints yesterday and we should get the notice very soon and then we can walk in. We are hoping to get it tomorrow, but if we don't we will just call our wonderful mail lady and see if she can call us first thing Friday morning to let us know if our documents have  come. And then if they still haven't, well we might have to wait until next week to get fingerprints. Thanks for your prayers in advance!!


  1. You have it bad girl... LOL

    I hope that you find help immediately or you might start another addiction to frozen peanut butter pie. :)

    Oh Shawn the things that you put up with.....

    just kidding Sarah!

  2. If this is crazy - I am in!


  3. Mmmm...peanut butter pie! All in God's timing!

  4. My poor mailman...our mailboxes all line the street so all he has to do is drive his little mail truck and easily pop the mail in all the respective boxes...except for me, at least 2x a week he is forced to get out and carry something to my door or have me sign for some document. I think it's turning into a beautiful love/hate relationship! :/

  5. Wow can I identify with this one. For me though it is more with email at the stage we are in. I must check my phone 100 times a day when waiting for some info or document. Then I finally get the red dot that means I have email and it turns out to be junk from Target, Golfsmith etc and I have this irrational anger for that company. :) It is quite the sickness. I like Coldstone chocolate with crushed Butterfinger to drown my sorrows.

  6. BIG HEAPING bowls of cookies'n'cream ice cream.
    and BIGGER HEAPINGER (who says you can't make up words?) slabs of dark chocolate brownies. advice courtesy of Madelaine- the diet ruiner (te he)


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