Gift Card Winner....

Part of the beach trip giveaway was a $25 gift card....people who shared the beach trip giveaway either on their blog or facebook were entered to win this gift card. I made a list of all 19 people who shared our giveaway, numbered those people and let choose a number....the winning number was number 13...and that is.......

Teri McGilvray!!!

Teri, let me know if you want a Starbucks, Target, or Best Buy gift card!! Hows this for a consolation prize??? (Teri REALLY wanted to win the beach trip! LOL)

Thanks to all who shared our giveaway!!

Keep praying for our dossier! Laina's file should arrive in the hands it needs to very soon....if it DID arrive tomorrow AND the SDA gives our letter of approval, and all the stars line up correctly, there is an ever so very tiny chance it could be submitted is not very likely at in I wouldn't even bet a penny on it...but nothing is too big for our God! Thanks, friends!

Oh and oh my goodness, I LOVED LOVED LOVED hearing from so many of you who introduced yourselves through the comments section or sent me an email!!! I learned a lot about my readers and why you all enjoy Zoya's and Laina's blogs and how you found us! So many of you have such amazing stories! Thank you for standing behind us and supporting us through this journey!


  1. Ok maybe and I aren't on such bad terms now with each other. :) Who knew that #13 would be lucky for me, now I know! Thanks!

    YES I SO wanted that trip.


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