Laina's Bedroom

We could be holding our Laina chicky a month from now...oh that's just crazy to think about!! When I took Zoya to her dentist appointment the other day the staff were all asking if they'd get to meet Laina in 6 months at Zoya's next appointment....AHHH...IN 6 MONTHS WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TWO GIRLS!!! (Well sooner than that hopefully....) It still seems surreal to me!

Laina's room is just about ready (not that she will probably sleep in it for a while, but it makes me feel better having it all done before she comes home). Her room is a love bird theme :) Love that wall sticker, it was so fun to put all the pieces together! Grandma P. is making the curtains since I couldn't find any that went with the valances! The chair is from Zoya's room and we gave her a big bean bag in place of the chair.

This dresser was donated to our garage sale, but never sold, so Shawn refinished it and we're using it for a dresser/changing table combo....he did a fabulous job!!

Here is what it looked like before:

And guess what? Summer and her family were submitted the same day as us!!! There is a chance....maybe.....that we could get the same appointment date....oh my....she lives 40 minutes from us.....if that happened we could fly together and everything....that could be trouble!! It would be so fabulous to have another family (or families) in the capital with us this time since we never got to meet any other families during Zoya's adoption process! Can't wait to get our travel date!!!


  1. Shawn you did a fabulous job. If you're up for it I have a dresser just like that in Izzy's room still waiting to be finished. The top is sanded and the drawers are done but that's as far as I've gotten. :) You did a marvelous job!

    Love love love the pink room. Laina is going to love it....

  2. LOVE THIS NURSERY!!!!!! Good job, guys!

  3. It looks fabulous!


  4. Her nursery is just darling! I love it! What little girl wouldn't love that room!

  5. Love seeing the nursery and watching everything come together for your family.


  6. The room looks fantastic and the dresser looks amazing! I can't wait to "meet" Laina through your blog(s). Two beautiful girls... I'm so excited for you!


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