Not Submitted :(

Since we worked every waking moment for the last two months to get our dossier done and sent to EE, we were a bit disappointed to hear this morning that we weren't submitted. Laina's file is not ready yet. Hopefully next Thursday. Laina is scheduled for heart surgery in her country for sometime in the beginning of October. Last we heard (a month ago) she was just over seven pounds. My gut tells me surgery in her country plus seven pounds very well may not equal the outcome we'd hope for, which would be her life. That is why we worked so hard to get everything done so fast, because surgery will wait if we can get there first. So after today, at least another week is tacked onto the timeline and it doesn't seem that we will be there before October. It's just a week, 7 days, no big deal right? To me it IS a big deal because at this point every day matters.  We are still hoping they will wait to do her surgery since they are aware we have our paperwork in and are just waiting on their end of things. Of course then we wonder what exactly her heart condition is and how she will do travelling home, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I just have an intuition that she should not have surgery there.

We're not just disappointed, we are worried for her life. And if nothing else to come out of this bad news today, I've realized she is already my child....maybe not legally, but the fierce feelings that welled up in me this morning and the thoughts that raced through my head about what in the world I would ever do if she didn't make it told me she is already just as much my child as Zoya is. People may not understand that, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt after my heart aching so much this morning that I'd do anything for this daughter....just as much as I'd do anything for Zoya.  I just wish I could scoop her up now and make it all better, get her home and healthy and get her the surgery she needs so she can be all she was made to be. Although I've never met Laina, although I've never held her or looked into her eyes, or rocked her to sleep or listened to her breathe, or felt her soft skin on mine, I already love her as my daughter.

Please say a prayer for sweet Laina, that is all, thank you.


  1. Sending prayers for speed on their end and a strong heart for Laina until her mom holds her tight. This sweet child is so fortunate to have you fighting for her life. God Bless Laina!

  2. Praying for Laina <3


  3. I completely understand where your mind and heart is at.

    This last hurdle is just that you will get over it.

    All our love to you, Shawn and Ms. Zoya!

  4. Received my key fob in the mail today - thanks! Stopped and said a prayer for Lainey as I put it on my ring. Then, I opened this read the news. Praying that you find peace in your heart during the wait and that God's hand is all over the timing of it all; the surgery as well as your dates to travel and get your precious daughter home.

  5. Of course it IS a big deal! A week can very much mean life or death in her country. And yes I get very much the feelings you have for her. I understand those more than you may know. Well..hmm... we are just gonna have to storm Heaven! God, please allow this family to get there in time. I know you are Jehovah Rapha our healer and we are asking You heal this baby, make her heart healthy add on weight to her tiny body. You are our Jehovah Jirah our provider and I believe Your timing is perfect although sometimes Lord I fail to see the big picture, please God get them there fast. Give them their baby and allow her surgery to be done in the best place for Laina. Thank you for this family. Hold them close and give them peace. Lord, you said in Your word Blessed are those who mourn they will be comforted. I believe that to even mean mourning a disappointment. Please comfort them God. Let the ransom be paid and let the paperwork breeze right through and let them get to their baby. In Jesus name in JESUS NAME LORD!! Amen.

    Sarah, What I have learned is God likes to be a God of the very last minute. I believe He does this so only He can be glorified. I believe you will get there and just in the knick of time. Be blessed my friend.


  6. Praying for a speedy submittal, and that Laina is home before you know it.

  7. My prayers are yours until she is yours, in your arms, right where she belongs.

  8. Sending prayers! I really hope things go quickly for her and for you. She is precious and your beautiful second daughter. xoxoxoxo


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