3 Days Left!

Okay so since it's shortly after 4pm, I guess we don't even really have 3 full days left...OH MY! We have been running around taking care of the very important things all the way to the littlest details! We had to think about the hard stuff today as we finalized our will and our power of attorney for when we are gone. But Zoya kept the mood light by dropping her pretzels three times and coloring on the table and keeping everyone smiling! I just want Friday to be here, as much as I do NOT want to leave Zoya, I am ready for the show to begin! I'm mentally exhausted from my mind constantly thinking of the million things that need to be done. I seriously can't remember much of anything so don't expect too much from me in terms of conversation because I can barely hold one without my mind wandering off! I guess that's par for the course though. I am ready to take flight and meet our baby girl! A week from today we could be meeting that angel for the first time, I just can't even imagine. So many thoughts...what will she look like? Will she be as tiny as I'm thinking? Will she have much hair? What color will her eyes be? Will she be crying or happy when we meet her? How serious is her heart defect and how badly is it affecting her health? I can't wait to hold her and love her and tell her she just met her mama and daddy!

Some specific prayer requests:

1. Pray for peace and happiness for Zoya during our time away. Pray that God would instill in her the understanding that we are coming back for her and we haven't left her. Only God can give her this peace we are hoping for, please pray for Zoya.

2. Pray for the Lord to keep on showing us each step as He sees fit, and pray that we can trust in Him 100% during this adoption process.

3. Pray that God is already preparing baby girl's heart to meet her forever family, and for our hearts to feel an instant connection with our daughter.

4. In addition to encountering kind judges and officials, please pray that the Lord leads us to those people who need to hear about Him and allow us to be an example of His love and kindness throughout our entire journey.

5. Pray for our hearts, and the hearts of The Woods family. Visiting orphanages is something that cannot be fully understood until you are there and see with your own eyes, pray that God would use this journey to change our hearts and help us grow spiritually.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”
-Helen Keller


  1. Praying for ya!! I love the countdown!!

  2. Oh my goodness the anticipation is growing. I'm so very exciting for your family. Soon to be a family of 4 + Mya, of course!

    Covering your family in prayers.

    Iz and I will be praying for Zoya, for her heart to know fully and completely that she is loved by two awesome parents.

    We will also be adding the Woods family to our prayers.


  3. Praying for you guys and waiting (im)patiently to see His good plan unfold even further.

  4. I'll be praying for you guys as you travel and for your new baby girl--as well as for sweet Zoya to have peace in her heart knowing she is so very much loved by her mama and daddy and that they will return to her soon!


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