5....FIVE DAYS!!!!!!

So I seriously cannot believe we made it to this point of the adoption journey! FIVE DAYS UNTIL WE LEAVE????!!!! I was reading another blog the other day and the writer likened this point to the "click-click-click" of a roller coaster....the excitement and nervousness build...you're ready for the ride of your life after waiting in line for so very long...there is no looking back because you can't stop the ride now, but you don't want to anyways! You sit back and listen as your roller coaster car clicks up, up, up and you wait in suspense of the ride you still can't believe you got on!  You have some general idea of where the highs and lows on the roller coaster are and which parts might make you throw up, but sometimes there are still surprise elements you didn't plan for if you've never ridden this same exact roller coaster before. So we're strapped in and anticipating an exhilarating ride....CLICK CLICK CLICK! 


  1. Love this post!!! I am soooo happy for you!!!

  2. The final days of getting those lists taken care of.

    Will be praying for you, Shawn and Zoya this week as you prepare to leave.


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