Day 2 In Country

I got a little sleep last night (took some melatonin but woke up around 2am anyways...this happened to me last time we were here, I woke up every night at 2am!), then fell back asleep until about 8am, figured out we have no hot water, at a banana and some peanut butter bread, and went back to bed! Our driver Eugene called and said he was going to pick us up in a bit to do some sight seeing.

So since I hadn't showered or washed my hair since we left home, I had to figure something out. I boiled pots of water and used them to wash my hair in the sink. We have munchkin size coffee mugs and glasses here so I used my little rubbermaid sports bottle I brought (which isnt much bigger) to pour the water over my head. One tip if you have to do this is to NOT wear a hooded sweatshirt because it will keep falling over your head and making this task more difficult.

Next I realized how badly I feel for senior citizens who can only get sponge baths! I boiled a few more pots of water and waited for it to cool a bit and then attempted a "shower." My advice if you ever do this is put the one space heater you have IN the bathroom because you get pretty cold in between the dumping of water out of the cup onto yourself. My favorite part of this dumb hairwashing story I'm telling you is that I'm so blessed in my life at home that I even GET to complain about this! I'm not really complaining, it was just a minor inconvenience but it did remind me how lucky we are to just jump in the shower, turn it on, and get hot clean water that you can even drink if you want!

Anyways, onto the fun stuff! Eugene picked us up, we met Anna and Jerad Woods who will be adopting from the same orphanage as us! We are so blessed to have them here with us....such an awesome couple with big hearts! Can't wait to experience the rest of our journey with them! We got to go to the history museum for a 2 hour tour...hehe....and then walked all around seeing the beautiful city! Eugene was so knowledgeable on the history of this country and really on all of Eastern Europe.  This country has fought hard to be where they are today and the people take pride in that fact. Last time we did not have this opportunity and let me tell you this place is BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel like I'm in a completely different country than when we were here for Zoya's adoption.  One similar thing I remember from last time is the extreme contrast in this country between wealthy and poor. You will see a beautiful, brand-new building right next to a building that you would see in the slums of NYC or somewhere similar. I just find the stark contrast so odd. In a way this city reminds me of NYC a little bit. It feels alive and young and energetic.  

Here are some beautiful pictures of our day in the city (Blogger is being a pain and it won't let me type under any pictures except a couple so sorry I can't explain them, and they're all out of order because Blogger keeps messing them all up!):
Shawn outside our apartment

We went to TGIFridays for dinner with The Woods' and had some yummy dinner. We got a little turned around when we tried to walk back to our apartment. Shawn says we were lost, I saw we weren't lost because we could have gotten back to TGIFridays, we just forgot where our apartment was! I couldn't believe how many people were out on a Sunday night! Anyways, we made it back to our apartment safe and sound!

Our appointment is tomorrow at 10am!!! Prayers!!!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Love the pictures :) A friend of mine is moving to the capital city in about 6 months and she said she is so excited to live there for 2 years ( she was born near Russia) . Her husband is in the military..... She has said the same thing you said about wealth and poverty... Glad that someone is matching my donation! COME ON PEOPLE JOIN IN :) You take the time to entertain and educate us with your life and journey the least we could do is return the favor and help cover some expenses.....
    Come on 10 am! Ill be waiting for an update :)

  2. YAY!! Sounds like you are off to a great start.

  3. Thanks for letting me share in your journey!

  4. Hi Sarah!
    I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you all and for Zoya daily! I know you may not remember who I am (I am the one who e-mailed you about the Wonder Bumpers), but I wanted you to know that you are being lifted up in prayer!
    Thank you for your posts! You are an inspiration to so many people! May God bless you, Shawn and Zoya abundantly beyond all that you can ask or imagine!

  5. After reading your flight stories, I'm quite thankful that our trip will start at O'Hare and involve just one plane change - my goodness! I hope they get your hot water working, soon - I've wondered about the water - is it the case that the locals can drink it because they are accustomed to it but visitors cannot?

    Many prayers for your appointment tomorrow and your continued safety and health on this journey.

  6. Beautiful pictures and your hair looks great : ) Will you get to meet her the same day as your appointment? So excited to see pics of you holding her!!

  7. I love all the pictures and am praying for your appointment!

  8. Praying for you today, as it is 10 pm here it is morning there. Love your scarf (I have the same one!) How is Zoya girl doing back home? Post when you can, friend, and know we are cheering you on all the way.

  9. Can't wait for tomorrow's update!!!



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