Oh How He Loves Us...

So one of our big prayers and hopes this time around has been that we would be able to meet up with another family during this adoption trip. We had prayed even that God would bless us with a family to travel together with, which doesn't often happen. For Zoya's adoption we had a pretty hard time being in such a small village with nothing around. We felt like we were camping most of the time out in the wilderness! We laugh now about how we saw babushkas walking goats on leashes up and down the roads. There were garbage fires burning all hours of every day on the sides of the dirt roads. We had one little market that we walked to every day to buy a little food and water to get us through a day or two. Looking back we needed that experience to learn and grow. Looking back we are able to appreciate it. But that sure doesn't mean we want to repeat that experience any time soon!!! HAHA.

So, the title of this post...Oh How He Loves Us...God loves us so much he has give us a family to travel with. Little did I know when we prayed for this it would mean we would be travelling to a completely different region than we initially thought (because we lost Laina and Harlene is in a different area). The Woods Family was submitted the same day as we were, and they were give the same SDA appointment day as we were, within an hour of ours. We are arriving in country within hours of each other. We will be sharing our entire journey with this family!  We have been chatting a bit getting to know each other and I just know God has given us one another to travel alongside because He loves us and we will be able to learn from one another and make friends with a couple who share our heart for orphans.

I just hope I didn't scare Anna by telling her about how Shawn TEMPORARILY JOINED THE EASTERN EUROPEAN CIRCUS during our travels for Zoya's adoption. You KNOW....I am thinking about releasing that video I have kept hidden away of Shawn in the "Norwegian men lifting heavy logs act".....maybe I can hold it ransom and try to raise some fees for this adoption????? Oh and I guess I didn't make things any better when I also mentioned that on our honeymoon Shawn was pulled on stage to dance with a drag queen and became the star of the show! No video there, but I DO have a picture...anyone willing to pay??????? LOL. I should have thought about this as a fundraiser idea!!!

Please stop by and visit THE WOODS FAMILY. Leave them some love if you can....I am not able to comment for some reason but I see that others were able to!


  1. Now you just know it is his electric personality that just draws people in. I'm sure that Anna will not think twice about Shawn's escapades once she meets him in person. He will have her charmed in no time. :)

    Yes I do think that some ransom in is order for some pictures and video....

    I'm SO GLAD that I put my coffee down before reading this though as you had me laughing so hard. Just the images that the mind can conjure up cracked me up.

    So incredibly blessed to have another family to travel with thru this journey, I'll be praying for both families.


  2. Ohhhh!!! I'm getting so excited. Yeah, probably won't be visiting any circus acts with you all...heehee. Although, it sounds like Shawn will liven things up for us! 10 days!

  3. I'm so glad you have a travel partner! I've been following the Woods journey too.

  4. I am confused here (English is not my native language, sorry!):) Is Shawn Norwegian-American (hence the name you gave the act) or was the act in the circus called something like "Norwegian men lifting heavy logs" or is it a funny reference to Norwegian lumberjacks (which would indeed have been common in earlier times but they´d have been of Finnish descent)?. And is it still possible to donate to you?

  5. At least you didnt mention about
    the four corners with Bahama Mama



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