Orphanology and A Smile

Today marks a week that we left all our comforts of home and journeyed across the globe to a foreign land for a most precious gift! I hear so many people say "I could NEVER do what you're doing." And I think, really? because I don't know if you saw, but the prize at the end of this journey is pretty awesome! We don't deserve any praise or glory. First and foremost, Mila is a gift, just like Zoya is a gift. The fact that we are here doing what we're doing cannot be attributed to any great human qualities we have. The truth is without God we would not be here.  Are we oh so great because we are rescuing a child? No! I mean, really what else would God expect us to do when our hearts know the need and we have the means to provide a family for His child?

I am reading "Orphanology" by Tony Merida and Rick Morton. The book parallels human adoption with God's adoption of us and really reminds readers that adoption, although not mentioned by name many times in the bible, is the core and heart of the gospel. One quote that has stuck with me like glue is this:

"When it comes to caring for the people on God's heart, indifference is a sin."
(Tom Davis, Fields of the Fatherless)

It is so easy to be indifferent to so many needs in the world. But I don't want to be indifferent. I want my heart to break for what breaks His.  I stood watching a little girl from Mila's groupa trying so hard to get our attention and love. I saw her desire to be wanted, for someone to just pay attention to her, to love her.  Over and over again, she wheeled her walker to the door to peer at us through the glass and play peek-a-boo with Shawn.  I could see longing in her eyes to be a part of our visit with Mila.  My heart ached so badly and I felt so helpless.  I stood there asking God, "Why....why do I have to see this? Why do my eyes have to see such things that break my heart?" And I was quickly reminded that seeing things like this will keep me from ever becoming indifferent. They will stretch my heart in ways I didn't know it could stretch. I may not be able to bring home that sweet girl, or the children who still haunt me from Zoya's groupa, but those children are chaning my heart, helping me to keep from getting stale and indifferent. They are planting seeds in my heart. They are teaching me that I have an obligation to act. I don't understand everything God is doing in my heart at the moment, but I just know seeds are being planted here as the seeds that were planted during Zoya's orphanage begin to sprout.

So take a minute to ask yourself if you've become stale and indifferent toward caring for the people on God's heart without evenrealizing it? It is oh so easy to do with all the sadness we see in the world today. Our hope is that through others watching our journey through adoption unfold God will be glorified. Simply choosing not to be indifferent isn't deserving of praise to us, it's what we all should be doing in whatever ways we are called.

And just because you listened to me pour my heart out, here are some pictures (and info) of our jelly bean, Mila! I started wondering today if Mila was really in a "groupa"....we got to go back and see her in her crib. She has nice toys and a mobile to look at. I noticed there were only 3 other babies back there, and the one girl in the walker that I talked about earlier (who appears to be recovering from surgery-she is about 18 months if I had to guess). I know there are other babies here because I've seen them so I was confused because they were not there. The room we go to is away from all the other visiting areas and we have to wash our hands and take our shoes off or wear booties over our shoes if we go back there. Then today they led us with Mila up to the big playroom, where we got to see a puppet show that the kids were watching! Then all of a suddent the assistant to the director came up and yelled at one of the doctors who told us to take Mila there. She thunked her hand on her head and yelled at him like "you idiot, she cannot be up here." So we followed them back down to the tiny little room we have been visiting in. So then I remembered seeing this picture on the door:
I wondered if we were in the infirmary. Sure enough when I put this into google translate it comes up as infirmary or quarantine. I asked our translator about it and she said that's just because she is little. Hmm. My mama instincts have been telling me our little jelly bean needs to go to the US soon!! I can't wait to get home and get her health all figured out and see if she does indeed need surgery and how complicated her heart condition and pulmonary hypertention are. If you could start praying now for her safe journey home we would be so grateful! I hope I'm overreacting and her condition is not as worrisome as my heart feels. Onto the cuteness.....

Just kidding...but isn't that hillarious?????? Okay, onto the REAL smile!
I was tickling her with my scarf and I think it was part reflex that led into a real big smile. It is the only one we've seen so far but I just know we'll be seeing many many more of these beautiful smiles!! She hasn't quite figured out how she smiled the first time to do it again!  Those are some seriously cute dimples!!!

I know the pictres are all starting to look the same because she has been wearing the same outfit for THREE days :( I would take clothes for her but most of what I brought is probably too big, even though I'll have to make do with it for our journey home. We did find a children's store today and I want to go back and buy a few things for our tiny little one. This little jelly bean's foot is the length of my thumb....that's TWO inches...teeny tiny. Her head looks huge for her little body but I meausured it and it is only 15 inches...thats about the size of a one month old maybe.

She found her other hand today!

First Family Photo! (on our one and only field trip to the big play room lol)

Getting Sleepy...

And that's all for today :) You HAVE TO go read Anna's blog about our funny adventures here!! Especially the story about the miscommunication with sharing an apartment, I almost peed my pants reading that...somehow it was just as funny reading it as when it happened! Seriously, Go HERE!


  1. Ah, Sarah...I love to hear you pour your heart out:-) And you do plant seeds of love and compassion in all the hearts you touch...LIttle Mila is so precious. I can't wait to see her and hold her...and to see her smile...what a wonderful family she is part of...praying for you all, Liz

  2. I read Anna's blog this morning and was cracking up at it... Especially the House Hunter's International....

    Oh your description of her size is bringing back memories of Iz so little. We often laughed that Iz had to had a strong neck because her head was like Mila's.

  3. Sarah you certainly need to write a book..you put everything so beautifully. I've had issues since being home with "you both are angels for what you did" "it's amazing". It really starts to bother me b/c we didn't so anything. We longed for a child for so long and God chose us to find Bryce. We didn't do anything special. But I do feel blessed that he chose us!
    Mila is beautiful; that last photo looks like Ms Zoya! I'll keep my prayers going for that 10days to be waived so you can get her right to a cardiologist. Not to worry you, but being a pediatric critical care RN she definitely needs to have US attention. The act that she eats so well but so tiny she's losing those calories somewhere. Just a little info so hopefully you can use her size and "heart disease" to petition to have that waiting period waived. I know that momma love is going to fatten her up quick :-)
    Many hugs from Fla
    Kim B

  4. Such sweet pictures! Do you know if the other little ones are posted on RR as well? The 18 month old sounds adorable!

  5. Enjoying the pics, she is a tiny little peanut isn't she? Still laughing over all 4 of you sharing a bed. hahaha

  6. What a BEAUTY! Love the photos. And can I say - that pacifier is the scariest thing I've ever seen! Totally eeks me out!! :) Glad you're enjoying your little lady...she seems like a perfect gem!

    Also - I've been looking for a good read to bring along on our second trip, and I'm totally getting Orphanology! Can't wait to read it!

  7. What a treasure. You are blessed again. I LOVE that last photo!

  8. After reading the other blog I am so happy that the documents are back in your region. Any idea on a time line on when court might be? I would be happy to fed ex some 0-3 month clothing to you if you would like or any other items you might need. If so you can email me at sampsondunn@gmail.com :)

  9. She is just gorgeous!!! Like the pictures my words feel the same, but she is just precious!! Continuing to pray for good health for her also!!

  10. I've been following for a while now, but this if my first post. Mila is beautiful! I think it is great that the orphanage realizes she can't be with the rest of the kids for germ purposes. But I wish they would be open with you about why and about what is going on for her health wise so you can truly help her and quickly! I bet they worry you will not adopt her if you know how sick she is, but that is so far from the truth. I know that in the end God will provide and it will all work out though!


  12. Sarah, keep letting your heart be broken for what breaks the heart of God. I knew your heart was tender for those in need when you and Shawn so willingly came to help me pack shoebox gifts for needy kids for Operation Christmas Child. You barely knew me but were moved to help. And you're right--we should all be that way. It's sad so many are missing out on this great life God has for them.

  13. Haven't commented much but I and LOVING EVERY post with updates on your guys and you're precious girl!!! ♥♥♥♥ Just wanted to let you know I posted about you guys today on my blog - http://matthew18vs14.blogspot.com/2011/10/faithful-friday-basiles.html.


  14. She's so cute and precious!
    Never mind the clothing, soon you can bring her home and dress her up like the little princess she is! :)


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