So since it's officially after midnight, I can say

 Can you even believe it? Let's get this party started! In a weird and unexpected way, I'm a little excited to go back to Eastern Europe!  After Zoya's adoption I'm shocked I feel this way!  I know, give it a few days and I'll be ready to come home!  A place I never thought I'd go has wormed its way into my heart as being the birth place of my first daughter, and hopefully that of my second daughter.  It is the place I felt God's presence more than any other time or place in my life. It was the biggest turning point in my life and a catalyst of change in my heart. This place changed me from my core out. It challenged me to think about how I was living my life. It made me more thankful than I've ever been to be blessed with so many good people and things at home. It oddly made me feel an unexplainable connection to my late grandfather. It taught me how to seek the Lord and desperately need Him. Looking back the memory of our time in EE is one of learning, growth, change, light, and beauty. Did I see all that during our time there? Absolutely not. I hope this time I can see the beauty and appreciate it while we are there. I want to soak up all I can and try to enjoy our journey rather than stress about all the details. That will be so hard without having Zoya with me but I want to do what she has taught me and live in the moment, forsaking everything else and just being happy and content in each moment. This will be a challenge for me. I know it isn't all sunshine and roses, but I hope I can relax and appreciate our time there while staying open to all God has in store for us.  

SOOOO CLOSE to holding our perfect little girl! Oh how I've been dreaming of her sweet face! So excited to be at this point in the adoption journey...we are so blessed.

Some have asked if we will keep the blog public. At this point in time we plan to do so unless we encounter problems in country, then we will need to take it private. The only downside to this is that I can't talk about where we are or share every single detail like I did when Zoya's blog was private. I will likely do some "private" blog posts just for us to remember everything, including the things we can't blog about publicly. My initial intention of blogging was to have a written journal of our experiences in adoption and life to publish for ourselves and our children. EEEEEEKKK! Did you see that.....children! as in more than one! I've blogged over the years my intention still remains to keep a journal for ourselves, however, I have come to love the community in blogland. You all are so important to us and such a big part of our story! It is your prayers, comments, good thoughts and wishes, packages, kind words, and interest in our life that makes blogging so fun! There is something so powerful about writing knowing that other people are going to be reading your inner most thoughts, dreams, goals, failures, and ups and downs of life.

That is all. :)

Oh more time.......


  1. So excited for you! Good luck, and safe travels!

    Kim at

  2. Tomorrow!! I can't believe it's almost Friday. I'm so excited for you all, and continue to keep Zoya in my prayers.

  3. Can't wait to read more of your story as it unfolds in EE.... Praying for you!!

  4. I just saw this which means y'all are on your way! Good luck and congrats!

  5. Safe travels to your sweet girls birth country, I know it will be very hard to leave your sweet Zoya, a year from now it will be just another memory all important steps to completing your family, cannot wait to hear you have met daughter # 2!!!

  6. TOMORROW!!! What a WORD!!! Beyond excited with you!!

  7. So excited for you!! Can hardly wait to see all the pictures you will be taking!


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