We Made It!

We made it to our destination!!!!! It feels good to be back...which is weird to me LOL. The rest of our flights went fairly smoothly. Taking off out of philly we were about 2 hours delayed between waiting to get on the plane and then sitting on the plan waiting...I'm still not sure what that was all about...luggage or something...who knows! We had a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt but apparently the pilot took the quick route taking about an hour off our flight time....nice!  So we had to run through Frankfurt to get our connecting fligh to here but we made it! AND I NEVER EVEN GOT PATTED DOWN ONCE....a welcomed change from our last trips!

We have a nice apartment with internet! Woooot! Will try to update some pictures later. It is 4:30pm here now so we are trying to stay awake until our bedtime to beat the jet lag! I'm exhausted but too tired to sleep anyways so hopefully I'll just crash later! We exchanged some money (there is a new law here that you have to show your passport and they have to make a copy of it! in order to exchange money-this is only if you don't have a visa which adopting families do not!), after that Uncle Nico (good to see him again) took us to a small market to get some bread and butter, cheese, turkey, and bananas. Then we got stuck in traffic...that's one thing I don't miss about here....the traffic is INSANE and I had to close my eyes sometimes. I made Shawn sit in the front seat! Those of you who haven't been here, it is an insult to the driver if you wear your seatbelt! HA!

Off to make some dinner....choices choices choices.....easy mac or lipton noodle soup???

Thanks for all your prayers for peace....so far so good on feeling peaceful. Last I heard from Aunt Jen Zoya was doing well....keep praying for her please! She has her buddy Xavier to keep her busy and happy!


  1. So glad to hear from you! Yay!

  2. I was stalking bolgger this morning waiting for a post :) If your up for it.... I'd like to donate $5.00 each day you blog about your adventures. Maybe others will join in and do the same to help cover some of the costs that go along with international adoption :) Glad you arrived safely and have a nice place to stay.. Oh I cant wait... I want to see this sweetie

  3. So glad that the rest of the flights were good, and the you made your connection!


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