Worst Flight Ever!

The happy couple prior to the worlds worst flight! LOL

So I’ve traveled enough that I think I have enough flight experiences to compare to….and THIS FLIGHT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!  When we got our seat assignments we thought, Oh Row 9, not too bad….well what we didn’t know was that there were only 9 rows on the 37 passenger plane!  I remember being on a plane like that once and it was the second worst flight ever, only compared to THIS ONE!  I had no idea they had 5 seats across the back row….we were packed like sardines! I was remembering my “enjoy every moment” challenge….but I’ve already lost that challenge! I almost tossed my cookies and that would be the second most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me (only second to the time I fell off the school stage during the talent show in front of all my 2nd grade students, the other 700 kids who go to the school, and all my fellow teacher friends).
Anyways, I’m a good traveller. I don’t freak out with flying like a lot of people. I’ve flown through a thunder and lightening storm without worry. Our last trips to and from Eastern Europe were pretty decent overall. But today, I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO DIE! If I wouldn’t have had my seatbelt on I would have seriously been thrown from my seat!!! It wasn’t just up and down it was up and down and side to side and I am lucky I didn’t get a concussion from smacking my head off the window. And it didn’t help any that when the turbulence started I was listening to a song that’s lyrics were “I can’t wait to meet Jesus face to face.” HAHA! I clapped when that plane landed…well only three claps because then everyone looked at me funny.
See our cute little plane??? So cute....not really!

And here is my view from Row 9 window seat...if you count there are 4 people to my right packed like sardines! In the very last row of the teeny tiny puddle jumper!
Shawn and I are getting a bite to eat at Chickie’s and Pete’s. The waitress brought his food over and she said, “Here ya go sweetie.” And Shawn said, “Didn’t that bother you?” And I said, “No because she said the same thing to the old guy next  to you.” LOL.
It was so hard to say goodbye to our Zoya girl….it’s been an emotional day. We are beyond excited to meet our new daughter, but that was way harder than I anticipated. Thanks to Kathy and Desiree who came to the airport to say a little prayer with us before embarking on this journey! And of course thanks to Aunt Jen Jen for taking care of Zoya girl and for taking us to the airport!
My next post will hopefully be from our daughter's birth country!! Getting closer!


  1. I am so sorry your flight was horrible but in a few short days when you meet your daughter face to face that flight will be a thing of the past :) Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!!

  2. Praying that the remainder of your journey will be less..... Horrible!!! I'm excited for you to see your sweet girl!!

  3. Oh...flights are so scary, but your post made me laugh. I can't wait to hear from you again in country and really when you get pictures of your sweet girl...she's how old???? Please update also on how Zoya is doing....

    Stephanie Lynch

  4. I think I have been on that plane....only I was the one in the very middle seat of the last row. So, I had the lovely view of the aisle the whole flight. I hope the rest of your journey is less, um, UGH!

  5. As soon as I saw this post I thought of the Morenos and their awful flight on a puddle jumper too.


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