First Giggles!!!!

We've been having so much fun around here that Mila decided to let us hear her first giggle!! Daddy, Zoya, myself, Grandma and Grandpa P., Bub, Grandma B. and Aunt Stacey all happened to be here when Mila broke out in giggles. I caught the end of her giggling because she spotted the little girl!

I'm keeping this blog open through Mila's surgery and recovery, but all family things I'll be posting on the other blog ANGEL EYES. I will post updates just about Mila here for a bit longer, but make sure you're a follower on my other blog because I'll be posting most things there :)


  1. BEAUTIFUL sounds from your Jelly Bean!!!! Made me grin from ear to ear!!!
    Anne B.

  2. Adorable! This totally reminded me of how Zoya was laughing in the video when the toy kept falling on the floor.

  3. Love her! And I love Zoya getting in on the action tickling her baby sister. So sweet!

    Kim at

  4. How precious and what a special moment to share with your blog friends (and prayer warriors!).Love, love, love the new home page with the girls in matching outfits!!!!
    Mary H.

  5. What a wonderful sound! Tons of prayers coming Mila's way for her surgery. I follow both blogs so hopefully I won't miss a thing!

  6. What a little cutie pie! That is one sweet little giggle. What a blessing to see that little one getting loved by so many. :)


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