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So we were driving home from the store last night and I was making Shawn listen to my favorite radio show De*ilah. Delilah dedicted Phil Collin's "You'll Be in My Heart" to a mother and daughter that called in and I just lost it. I broke down sobbing thinking of my Mila girl. I've never been pregnant but I felt like a total pregnant lady....a blubbering mess! Poor Shawn just reached over and held my hand. The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I wish I could tell her all these things. Every word was just perfect to describe my love for Mila. Soon enough.

Mike and I leave out of Pittsburgh tomorrow at 2:42 to be exact. We are scheduled to arrive in Mila's country (2 hours from her region-we aren't flying directly into the capital this time) Monday at 8am Eastern Time (3pm EE time). I'm hoping maybe I can sneak in a visit with Mila Monday night but we will see. My next post will be from Eastern Europe and I'M NOT COMING BACK UNTIL I HAVE MY GIRL IN MY ARMS SAFE AND SOUND! We appreciate all of your prayers!!! We need them this next week more than ever!


  1. I will pray. I can't wait for her to be in your arms forever too.

  2. I have always thought this song was such a great adoption song as well as the whole Tarzan movie. I totally cried thinking of you and Mila during the first verse when it says for one so small and then the bond between us. I bet you were losing it ;) You guys are strangers and I couldn't make it through the song! Good luck and lots of prayers on your trip!!!

  3. Go Sarah Go Get Your Girl.......

    I will be praying for you and Mike for safe travels.

    Praying so hard for a great journey home for Ms. Mila.

    Love you girl, you be careful, safe and can't wait for those gotcha pics!


  4. Can't wait to see you home with your girl!


  5. PRAYING SARAH!!!! Cannot wait to see Mila in your arms...FOREVER! HUGS!!!

  6. I have been pregnant, and I can tell you that adoption is very much like pregnancy.... I cry at commercials, I long to hold my child, and many other things that I did with both pregnancy and adoption.

    I will be praying for you friend!! Until I know you are home safe with your daughter in your arms... Actually even then.... Praying for your Jelly Bean to get the medical care she needs!!

  7. You've got them (the prayers!) and soon you will have have Jelly Bean too!!! I can't believe the day has come when you are on your way back to bring that little one out of the orphanage and into your hearts and home FOREVER!!!! (Well, I DO believe it because God is so good!) Safe travels today, thanks again to Mike, and thanks be to GOD!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!
    Anne B.

  8. Now I' m crying too. That song is perfect for you.
    I can't wait for a gotcha video to that music with you and sweet Mila.
    In the meantime I'll keep you all in my prayers.

  9. I hope that your travels there are uneventful and that after getting that you can get things done ASAP so you can get that sweet little one home. I saw the notes regarding the Doctors and I just hope they are right about the oxygen not being needed in the air. Do you know if she has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension or does she have other heart problems. (I wish I had your email so I could email you personally)
    Whatever I know just being in her Mommy's arms forever will be great for this sweet little one.

    Please update when you can. There are lots of us who are out here in blog land pulling and praying for you guys.


  10. Such a beautiful song and so fitting for you and Mila (Zoya too). Our prayers are with you for a safe flight. We pray that God is seated right beside you during the whole flight home. God Bless the Basile family now and always. Love to you all. Aunt Debbie

  11. Constantly praying for your family, specially for precious Mila! Thank you Sarah, for once again, letting us being part of your story.
    Be blessed!
    Vanessa D. from Ohio


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