After a 17 hour train ride on two top bunks with transient roommates throughout the night, 3 flights totalling 23 hours with layovers factored in, we arrived home around midnight last night, exhausted! And I get to do this all over again a week from tomorrow!!! Hopefully I'll be recovered by then. Pretty good timing that we get an extra hour of sleep tonight, except I bet nobody told the 3 year old she should sleep in! LOL.

Oh how happy my heart was to squeeze Zoya! I have a cute video of when we went in to get her out of her bed this morning, but I will post it later on Zoya's blog. She was over the moon excited to see us!

I plan to post more about court, Mila, and our adoption process as soon as I can keep my eyes open to see what letters I'm typing on the screen!

For now, please please, please keep praying for Mila. We have started translating the minimal medical records we have on her and are realizing even more just how fragile she is. Please start praying now for protection through the trip home, especially the flights. Pray for discretion on our part to make a plan of action as to where we will fly into and if we will take her immediately to the hospital or have her come home for a day or two before starting the traumatizing medical stuff. Pray that we will just know what to do each step of the way and that peace and calmness will sweep over Mila and I on the way home! Thank you friends!!


  1. Praying for Mila. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. So glad you are home safe and getting to love on Zoya. Eat well and sleep well. I'll keep praying for Mila.

  3. SO very thankful that you are home and able to rest up a bit. I'm excited about hopping over to Zoya's blog for the video when you get it posted! Lots of prayers for baby Mila, trusting in God to keep her safe! WELCOME HOME!!!!
    Anne B.

  4. Praying for all of you! Can hardly wait to see the video of your sweet Zoya and homecoming pictures and videos for when you are able to bring your sweet Mila home :D

  5. I found your blog through Reece's Rainbow many moons ago when you were bringing Zoya home, and even though we are complete strangers, it's amazing to me how much of a connection I feel with you guys! Mila has been in my thoughts and prayer constantly these last couple weeks as I follow along on your journey. I have faith that you both will know EXACTLY what to do with regards to Mila's medical care, she is so blessed to have you as a family!

  6. Glad you and Shawn made it home safely!! I can only IMAGINE how thrilled sweet Zoya was to see her mama and daddy! And...I can only imagine how your heart ached to leave your sweet jelly bean, Mila behind. Knowing it is only temporary--and of course, being able to snuggle with Zoya hopefully eases the ache some and soon you will all be together FOREVER! Praying for Mila's fragile health....that the Lord will continue to keep His Mighty Hand upon her and her family. And give her mama and daddy clarity and wisdom as they seek to know what the best course of action is.

  7. I'm happy to hear that you are home safely and that your reuniting with Zoya was so precious!

    However, I'm so sad and terrified to hear about Mila's fragility :-( So hoping she'll be alright when you come back to get her, and that she'll travel safely!

    Maybe taking her directly to hospital would be better? One less change of environment for her, and maybe better safe than sorry? In case she is so fragile it might be better to address it immediately? Although I understand how you just want her to be home safely with her family :-)

  8. I seem to remember - without going and checking at RR - that you are on the East Coast. I have read of many families adopting little ones with heart issues having miracles worked by the team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Maybe you could get someone there to look at her file this week? Prayers!

  9. So glad to hear you guys are home safely. I did go watch the video of Zoya and oh how precious it was. Something for you to cherish forever.

    As far as Mila goes. I would try to get those records translated as much as possible and get them to a children's heart specialist ASAP. Let them look over them and see what needs to be done first. If they say come straight to hospital then that is what needs to be done. You will need to have a Doctor accept her at the hospital so this is the best way to do it.
    Make sure you get her to a Teaching Children's Hospital, so that they might understand things more. I am like the commenter above that Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia is a great facility. I do not know how close you are to it but it would be my first choice if I lived up there.
    Good luck and please let us know what your plans are.
    Cannot wait until you are back to get this sweet little baby girl.


  10. So glad you are home safely! Mila is always in my prayers.


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