Mila's Homecoming at the Airport!

Snug as a Bug waiting to board our flight from Munich to D.C.

We ran into Shelly (Carrington's Mama) in Kiev and had the same flight into Munich and had some expensive waters together while waiting for our connecting flights.

I was already crying and then I saw my Grandma, who I did not expect to be at the airport and I lost it! I knew she had to be the first one to hold Mila. My Grandpa would have loved Zoya and Mila. I know he was there in spirit.

I hadn't even noticed the bunch of people sitting off to the side smiling until I looked at these pictures!

The Lindahls made the drive to share our special moment :)

Our fabulous friends The Sheldons

Mike the Great (my travel buddy) and his wife, Carol


  1. Great photos!

    I love Zoya's big sister sign!

    Oh your Grandma looks thrilled to be there to celebrate with you. For sure your Grandpa would have been so proud of all his girls.

  2. YAY! Glad to see these "Welcome home" pics! Mila's eyes are really locked on Shawn in several of the pics. I'm very sure she was thinking, 'Aaahhhh and there's my Daddy!". What a great group of supporters there for you! So many blessings! (((HUGS)))

  3. I love all of these pictures but the look on Zoya face when you guys have your whole family in a photo is just priceless!!! I still cry when I remember that Mila is home and happy <3

  4. Precious, wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  5. These made me cry! I love Zoya and Mila looking at each other- so, so sweet. You're a lucky mama.

    Kim at

  6. Love the photos! They bring tears to my eyes! Happy!

  7. What lucky little girls to have so many to love them! After a long and tiring journey I know this welcome home was just what your family needed too. Your Grandma just looks so proud to be holding that little bundle. I had to giggle just a bit though because both her and Mila have the same serious "I'm checking you out" look on their faces. :)
    How fun you got to see Shelly too! I know it made her day to get to meet the jelly bean!

  8. What a warm welcoming!
    I love the matching shirts on the sisters, you must have tought of that beforehand? :)

    I'm so happy you are home, and I continue praying for Mila and your family every day.
    Love; Anna H

  9. I'm laughing at these pictures, because as if we don't have enough similarities, we have the same taste in clothes because my girl's were wearing the exact same shirts when we arrived home too...haha!


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