A Visa and A Bath!

We have Mila's visa in hand and are scheduled to fly out TOMORROW MORNING! The computers were working wonderfully...an answer to prayer!  Eldon at Golden Rule travel is super fabulous and got us GREAT and cheap tickets into Buffalo. We will land at 6:27pm! Although I'm sad we won't have a big group of greeters this time since we're not flying into our hometown airport, I know it's in Mila's best interest to go this route :) Mila will officially become a U.S. citizen when we touch down in DC! Woooot!

Playing with Mama

Mila's temporary bed :)

Mila had her first bath tonight. She is mostly a pretty calm baby, but girl can throw a tantrum when she wants to be picked up! Pounding fists and all. So my prediction was, because she is a drama queen in training, she would hate her bath. Mike thought she would like it. Mike was right. She was so calm during the bath and I just got a kick out of her hair!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair :)

Seriously her hair is growing at a very rapid pace!!!



  1. Oh praise God! What a precious little girl.

  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!
    love love love the photos :)
    prayers for quick uneventful flights :)

  3. Love these photos, she already looks so different. Such a beautiful girl.
    Safe journey home!!! Cant wait to see photos of your girls together!

  4. She is so stinking cute! She has changed so much and its all because of the love you have been giving her. Good job Momma :)

  5. Wow! Fabulous! So happy that everything went so smoothly! Hoping for safe travels now.

  6. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is precious.


  7. That is some great hair! Safe travels!

  8. I would venture to guess that love can do amazing things...even make little Mila's hair grow! She is a doll and those facial expressions are adorable. Lots of love and prayers from snowy Montana :)

  9. I LOVE the bathtub closeup shot of her!!! That hair is fab Miss Mila! Keep rockin your rockin do' little one. Praise God you guys will be home tomorrow! Get some rest soon Sarah, a sick Mama will not be much good to TWO little girls. :)

  10. BEYOND PRECIOUS!!!!!!! You and Mila just look like you have been together forever! It's great to hear that she is a feisty drama queen!! Well, for now anyway...maybe not so much when she hits the teen years!!! Sooo happy for you and praying you home!! (((HUGS))) from RI! (Wishing so bad that I was in Buffalo!!!)
    Anne B.

    what a MIRACLE!!!THANKYOU GOD!!!
    America they come HOME!!! TOMORROW!!!
    PRAYING for safe travels!!!!

  12. Wow! She is gorgeous! Congratulations!


  13. YAHOO! Loving the crazy baby hair! Praying you home friend, praying you home!

  14. Oh my goodness! Considering flying to Buffalo tomorrow night. Seriously! :) she is just too much for words!!!! Thank you, Jesus!

  15. She is SO beautiful...She looks so much healthier in these pictures than when you first posted about her. Oh what love can do. Happy flying, I'll be praying for safe flights and a good little baby. I bet Zoya is so excited to see her little sister. When will Mila be going to the Dr in the US?

  16. Loved this post -- especially the final sentence :) Praise God! Praying for a safe and stress-free flight home!

  17. Can't believe how much she's changed already! Love the big eyes!
    That was our first apt in Ukraine, :-)
    Safe travels and can't wait to see her pics tomorrow.
    Many hugs and prayers sent your way!
    Kim B

  18. Such an adorable little one. So glad she is cleared to come home and get the treatment she needs.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  19. You are an amazing Godly woman! Keep making those smiles and teaching your girls to be Godly Woman! What an amazing journey!

  20. She is an amazing treasure! Thank you for sharing your journey. I am excited for you guys to get home and to read about Zoya and Mila first meeting!

  21. Sarah,

    I have been following your blog for awhile, through the My Family Found Me page on RR. What joy Mila and you three (and Zoya...four then!) brought to my heart tonight when I saw this post!

    Safe travels and God bless you on your journey!

    reader/mom in Los Angeles

  22. Mila is just adorable.. Good luck with the travels
    Maria (Sydney)

  23. So stinkin' cute...love the hair, too!
    Good luck on your travels!

  24. YEAH! Coming home to AMERICA! I welcome a new citizen to our country.

  25. Whee! We sat here - my daughter and I - oohing and ahhing over her pictures. Such a sweetie. Safe travels!

  26. Tears of joy reading your blog. God bless Mila and her new family! It is so obvious that God hand selected her forever family. We are devoted readers from Atlanta,GA!

  27. She looks fabulous!! So happy for you. I am mom of 4 and an obstetrician as well, so I see babies all the time, and Mila is honestly one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Praying for safe travels home for you and Mila.

  28. Hi Sarah,
    I stumbled upon your blog & I'm so happy I did. Your babies are so beautiful & I look forward to reading your updates on Mila's homecoming. Many blessings to you & your family.


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