Airway Surgery on Monday

We have to be at the hospital at 8:15 am for surgery which will be "about an hour and a half later." That sure made me feel good. What made me feel even better was the fact that the majority of our conversation regarded free parking....and I wasn't the one who initiated that! Here was just part of our conversation over the phone that has me a little worried:

Nurse: She can't have any thickening agents after midnight.
Me: So she can't eat after midnight because she needs rice cereal to thicken her feeds so she doesn't aspirate?
Nurse: Yes, but she could have clear liquids like apple juice with no rice cereal or she could have plain formula with no rice cereal.
Me: (Wondering how this lady became a nurse) Sure if you want her to aspirate right before surgery that would work great.

Me: So what about her heart medications? She usually takes those at 9pm and 9am and we thicken those with rice cereal as well?
Me: I wasn't saying I was going to, I just wanted to know from you that it's okay to skip her HEART MEDICATIONS! (getting increasingly frustrated)
Nurse: Well you could give them to her at midnight
Me: Umm we would have just given them to her at 9pm.
Nurse: Okay well I guess if you can't give them to her without rice cereal she can't have them then.

And then she went back to the free parking spiel. And then asked me "anything else?" Oh I had some other topics I wanted to discuss like how long her surgery would be (minor detail) hour and a half was the answer.

Let's just hope she won't be Mila's nurse...maybe that's why they have her on the phones ;)

I'm a little on edge, but I bet you couldn't tell.

Thanks for the prayers. Love to you all!


  1. Sending prayers for Mila that the surgery will be quick and painless. Sending prayers for Mila's surgeons that they will have steady hands and lots of focus. Sending prayers for Mila's nurse that she will be a very sweet lady! Sending prayers for Mila's mom that she will find peace in her heart over this weekend. God bless you and your adorable little cutie patootie.

  2. Well, really - shame on you! You've adopted two children without having ANY medical education and no surgery skills whatsoever! Let's face it - it's only you to blame, not a pour nurse! Ha ha :)

    We are praying to keep you yet a little bit calm on your heart! Everything will be ok! Just look how Mila feels the love and responds to it (by increasing her weight). She will be quick to recover!

  3. Some people have no bedside manner! Praying all goes well. Hang in there :)

  4. Wow. Some people just don't get it. Sunday night will not be fun. I've had to withhold bottles from a hungry baby before For medical stuff and it is not fun. After you make it through the night and into surgery time, it will almost feel like a relief.
    Prayers will be said for your household this weekend.

  5. I'd call the perioperative area directly or the office of the MD doing the surgery. They will probably be able to give her the meds immediately after surgery, possibly sliding an NG tube down while she is out so that she can have her meds and then pull the tube. It isn't a big deal if she's already intubated for surgery.....

  6. Dear Sarah, I'm sorry to have to tell you that this post made me laugh until i cried... Only God knows how many mamas can tell you BTDT!!! How clueless can some "professionals" be??? But seriously, when we pray for Mila tonight (as we do every single day without fail :-) ) we will also pray for that poor nurse and that God protects all her patients who aren't quite as well informed as you are. email me if you want to discuss the heart meds and the cereal...

  7. I will be praying for sweet, little Mila. (And also for peace for you!) I have been blessed watching your adoption journey and am so glad you are sharing it with us. She is a beautiful, precious girl.

  8. I agree that is probably why that RN is on the phone & hopefully doesn't have direct patient care. I would mention it to the peeps in charge. It's scary enough that MIla is going to have surgery, you should'nt have the medical staff adding to your frustration. Hang in there. You're all in our thoughts & prayers.

  9. Sarah, the momma bear in me is screaming, "Leave a message for the doctor to clarify!" Be a pain! Good lord, what a confusing nurse! I will be praying for all of you...

  10. Praying for complete healing for Mila, wisdom and discernment for the surgeons, security and rest for Zoya and peace beyond understanding for Mommy and Daddy!

    -Beth in Atlanta

  11. Praying for you and your sweet girl on Monday. Take Mila's medicines and any liquids and thickening agents she needs to take the meds. Then talk to the nurses in pre-op. They will decide if she should get the meds orally before surgery or if they can give them during surgery (possibly in an IV form).

  12. Just stopped in to say I'll be praying for you and Mila. In just 24 hours your baby will be fixed up and you'll be loving on her.


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