A Christmas Miracle

Okay so I realize if I count the number of times I've used the word "miracle" in the last 6 weeks on this blog the number would probably be pretty high....but seriously, THIS IS A MIRACLE.

This is the best Christmas gift Shawn and I could have ever received.

LAINA (the baby we lost and the one who led us to Mila) was TAKEN HOME BY HER BIRTH PARENTS!

For so many reasons that I can't write on this blog, this is truly a miracle. I can't believe it happened....for so so so many reasons that I wish I could write, but won't to protect the family's privacy...but just believe me when I say...God worked a miracle here.

Please be in prayer for her birth family as it is very difficult to raise a child with special needs in her country without much support.

Even with the blessing of Mila, we obviously still had broken hearts for Laina's situation....but God has proven to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that He knew best and that Mila was the one who was always meant to be ours :) He has shown us that numerous times this week!

And can you even believe we got this news the DAY AFTER Mila's bad news that had us doubting God's plan? Just amazing. In awe I stand again.


  1. This is truly a miracle! God had his plans all along! I am at work in the resource room crying! I showed my students in here the picture of all 3 of your children and they didn't understand why I was crying. I said NO it's HAPPY TEARS...this is amazing! Praying for Mila and her surgery!

  2. Oh my gosh, Sarah! I have chills. How amazing!

  3. God is just amazing! Two little girls home with their families for Christmas!


  4. It's always amazing when the Lord shows us "the rest of the story" even when it really isn't our business. He is always good, even when we are bewildered by what we *think* we see. I am so happy the little muffine is with her birth family, and I am so happy Mila is with you. (ps, I am slightly miffed that there is no picture of Mila on this post, I love looking at pictures of her!) Sally H.

  5. WHAT?!?!?! Wow...wow, wow, wow. Truly, undoubtedly a miracle.

  6. Standing in awe with you! Amazing love!
    Anne B.

  7. PRAISING our faithful GOD of MIRACLES with you!!!!
    Indeed an incredible GIFT on a PERFECT time to help heal your broken hearts for Lainas situation!
    Standing in awe with you!! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!!!!
    Praying, for you all, for Laina and her parents!!

  8. Love!!! I was hoping her family would come get her. Even without knowing the whole story I could tell they weren't able to just walk away from her.

  9. Praying with and for your family. God is incredible!

    We have two little ones in our family and the first one's "deformities" may have saved the life of the younger one. You have a similar story. Laina helped save Mila.

    I am praying for the doctors, Mila, your husband and you.

  10. Such amazing news! I'm so happÄy that you got to know this! Will there be a way that you can somehow support Laina's family and share some of all your knowledge with them?

  11. I'm almost crying! This is the most amazing and wonderful news - thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  12. Such amazing news! Perhaps your family's interest and seeing the letters about how Zoya has thrived helped her family to feel more hopeful about raising Laina at home? I wonder if you will be able to know how she does over time? It's so wonderful that both Mila and Laina will be able to grow up with their families.

    Julie R.

  13. That is pretty much the best news ever!! Laina clearly has a wonderful and commited family that will do everything for her. I am praying for her but I know God will do something amazing with her life.

  14. Your words on that original post back in September were that "it would take a true miracle" for God to write Laina's story with this ending. It truly IS the Season for Miracles! Praise God!


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