They took her back at about 1:20....please please pray!!!!


  1. Praying Praying Praying!!! Please let us know when she is out and stable.
    Sunnie in NC

  2. Sitting here with Jelly Bean's picture right in front of me while I work. Praying unceasingly that God's power and strength would flow right through the fingers of all who touch Mila's body today, especially her little heart. God is going to continue to use her and her sister Zoya to change hearts all over the world! Praying that the butterflies in your tummy have quieted somewhat while you wait. Hold fast to God's promises that he will never leave you nor forsake you, not now or ever! Wish I could (((HUG))) you for real right now!!!
    Anne B.

  3. Mila is in my heart and prayers today- so are you. Be strong Momma...

  4. Thanks for the update! I handled my daughter too many times to count to an OR staff. I know how hard it is to give her away, wait and try our best to comfort her after the procedures. But I thank God for all resources she had available to her and that I could be there by her side at all times. I pray for your BEAUTIFUL girl today, for you and husband and for all staff caring for her!

  5. You guys have been on my heart and mind all day. Prayers are being said.

  6. Praying for your sweet baby, her family, and all who are involved in her care...

    Thanks for the updates. I hope her surgery goes easily and is completely successful!

    Thinking of you,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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