Hospital Pictures and Happy Girl

As promised here are some pictures of our jelly bean from her hospital stay.

Waiting before surgery:

After surgery (and after all the bad stuff):
Mila LOVES to look at her LEFT calms and comforts her...maybe an orphanage behavior, but we just love it...well she was not too happy to have her left hand all boarded up!

This Stinks!

Loving her present from the Pittsburgh Penguins!

We got a couple smiles out of her during the whole ordeal!

Lovin' Daddy!

Sweet Jelly Bean!

Resting up....her leg warmers were quite the hit! Poor girl's torso was on fire but her legs were so cold! This worked perfect!

"Seriously this is soooo cruel."

"Okay I'll TRY looking at my right hand but it's just not the same!"

Free at last! Getting ready to bust out of there battle wounds and all (her poor cheekies did NOT like that tape!)

And to say thanks for all your love and support, here are some bonus cute Mila pictures :)

Zoya likes to put her hair in Mila's hand so Mila pulls it.....

And then tell her "NO NO NO MILA!!" and laugh!

too cute for words!

Girl loves her hands!

Her crazy face...

And an even crazier face ;)

Sooooo loveable!

Check out the double chin!!! Woooot!

"Thanks for my booties Christina...they're fabulous!"

This is the good life!

Love this picture! Proud Grandpa and Daddy lovin' on their girls!


  1. I super love the last photo with the guys and their girls, but mostly the way your two girls are looking at one another.

    Super sweet. I think it was Kelle Hampton's blog that wrote her little girl smiles and she looks like Winston Churchill I had to laugh at that comment when I see those great big smiles with the faces all squished together. LOVE IT!

  2. Oh my word! She is SOOO cute and really filling out! I'm a RR advocate and love following your journey! I'll be praying for her next surgery!

  3. Love it love it love it! Lovin the thunder thighs!

  4. Love her crazy face! She is looking so so healthy Sarah, there is chunkiness in her thighs now!!! You are all in our prayers that all goes well leading up to OHS.

  5. She is a dumpling!! Love the healthy chub on her.

  6. I stumbled across Mila's blog a week or so ago and have just fallen in love with her! I have been and will continue to pray for a successful second surgery. I was thrilled to see that she did so well with the cleft repair. Please know there are strangers thinking of beautiful little Mila and her wonderful family!

  7. Oh My Gosh I love those" thigh" pictures! She is looking so good. Before the next surgery write on her left hand with a Sharpie "No IV, Thumbsucking hand" I did that for my little one and the doctor praised me for it. I am happy that you had this rehearsal so you know a little of what to expect in a few days. I'm praying for all of you.

  8. What a sweet, sweet baby and pictures! Prayers for continued healing and a successful heart surgery!

  9. AWESOME PICTURE FIX!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)
    Anne B.

  10. Too.Stinkin.Cute!!!! LOVE this post! She is not only a sweet little jelly bean- she has got to be Dr. Pepper flavored which to me is the bestest sweetest one of all! She looks SO much better than she did just a few short weeks ago, I can't wait to see how she thrives once all her medical stuff is taken care of. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your darling little baby doll girlies with us!

  11. That satisfied my Mila fix for today. Just for today however... :) Thank you! Sally H

  12. It's too bad she had to go through more pokes and prods and another surgery but OMG she's soooo big. That is wonderful and she's just a little cutie pie.

  13. Ooh my gosh, she is so stinkin' cute! She looks so much healthier's incredible.

  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to put up ALL those photos when I know your time is so limited and your lists must be so long. Miss Mila is SOOOO thriving as a part of your family! What an amazing blessing. BTDT with all the laryngomalacia, the CHF, etc... Only good thing to say is that it's just so nice when it's gone :-). We are continuing to pray faithfully.... Prayers of thanksgiving that Mila is part of your family.

  15. That cutie patootie does not even look like the same jelly bean from the first pictures of her!Amazing what LOVE can do:o) Photo of her sticking her tongue out at Daddy is PRICELESS! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to help Mila back to complete health. Will be storming the heavens on Monday from Michigan for your sweetie pie!

  16. oh. my. gosh. is she the cutest little baby girl or what?! look at how healthy she looks, i see baby chubs! i love that wispy tuft of hair too! so, so happy she's doing well! xx

  17. Mila and Zoya...God was showing off, wasn't He? Love them both, love you too.

  18. She is just so Beautiful! Do I see a little chub on her legs?!?!?! I can't believe how healthy she looks.. and Zoya's face in the last picture is just priceless

  19. Oh my goodness I cannot believe the change in her! She was adorable when you first got her but man she is even more beautiful! She looks amazing in the photos. Her tummy, her face, her legs everything wow! I am just floored to she the changes in her, I just love IT!!!!!Keeping on loving her and give her extra kisses from Me. Of course Zoya is cute as can be! Just wonderful, you made my morning! God is Good!

  20. Love all the pictures!! So glad all went well. Mila looks great, all chubby and happy! She and Zoya both have great smiles.

  21. Mila is seriously adorable. God made a picture perfect child when he was creating Mila and gave her some pretty special genes :) She´s so cute!

  22. What a cutie-pie! Two cutie-pies, actually...

    I'm so thankful for all your good news about Mila, and that she's doing so well. Love that leg-lift picture (and need to do the same exercises - why are chubby thighs so cute on babies and well, not exactly the thing on the rest of us??).

    Like her big sister, Mila is clearly a little character, and it's great to see her little personality getting bubblier by the day!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  23. Can she be any cuter?! So glad things went well w/the surgery. She looks so healthy and happy! :)

  24. gorgey-gorgeous girls!!!

    One of the little men I work with does a hand-staring stim. I've asked him what he's looking at but he just says "Molly. I love you" which is a good enough answer for me!


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