Open Heart Surgery Tomorrow

In Less than 24 hours, we will be handing our precious Mila over to have open heart surgery. Her surgery is scheduled for 9am tomorrow, with an arrival time of 7:30am. We are trying to get everything together and packed and get Zoya all set for Aunt Jen Jen. I have a whole bag of toys packed for the jelly bean in hopes of keeping her happy through her recovery (along with all the necessities). We are leaving around 6pm tonight and are blessed to have a spot at the Ronald McDonald House which is attached to the hospital!

Scratch that they just pushed her surgey back which has me in tears and I have no idea why. She is no longer the first case of the day so we will arrive at 9am and surgery they say should be around 10 but I don't believe that anymore. UGH! I hate this. And with that this post is over :(

Please remember to say a prayer for Mila (and the rest of us) tomorow morning-ish and all throughout the day!


  1. PRAYING. PRAYING. Covering Mila with our prayers from afar.

  2. Sending you good wishes.
    Can't believe how much Mila has grown.
    She has gotten bigger and healthier.
    She has a mommy and daddy to love her through her surgery and recovery.
    What a blessing for her that you can be there for her instead of having that surgery as an orphan.
    Hang in there and be strong for Mila. Be strong for each other.

    Signed by a lurker who is amazed by what your love has done. for a child.

  3. I will be praying for Mila all day!

    God bless,

  4. PRAYING constantly for ALL of you!!!
    Love, Christina

  5. UGH! The reality of hospitals and schedules. Trusting with complete faith that God will walk you through this, that he will provide peace as only he can, and that Mila's physical heart will be as healed as her emotional heart has been over the past weeks. Prayers abound now and over the hours and days to come! (((HUGS)))!!!
    Anne B.

  6. Dear Sarah ~ Take some deep breaths! Now, read that Garrison K quote in your last post. There is a Reason...for Mila's surgery to have been pushed back. Only HE know the Why's, for now. But, HIS Timing is always, always Perfect! One thing I know for sure, is that another child has become the "first case" because they are likely very, very ill. You may even meet the parents along this journey. So, say a Prayer for them and I will, too.
    I know, I really KNOW how frightened you are about this surgery! I have done it with my beautiful niece way too many times! She was born with Pulmonary Atresia with CSD. She is now 18 years old and graduated from High School this past May. And, she is healthy most of the time. She tends to get sicker than most with the colds/flu that we all get. But, she is smart and bright and a lovely person.
    Sarah, if you think it won't be too hard for YOU, request that you carry her to the OR and stay with her until she's asleep. It is common procedure for one parent to be there. But, it IS difficult to see your child in that setting. I just wanted to let you know that it is an option. Mila is very young, so she likely will not notice being taken to the OR, unlike an older child. Just Pray about it. I KNOW that Mila is going to soar through this surgery and recovery period. Just don't hesitate to ask for pain meds if she seems to be too uncomfortable. You are Her Voice.
    Sarah, I'll be praying today and throughout tomorrow for you and for Mila. Daddy and Zoya, too. Hang in there! HE's got your back!
    Love You, My Friend! ~ Jo
    P.S. Would you consider putting a "subscribe to post by email" gadget on your blog? That way everyone can get updates as soon as you post. I'd love that!

  7. Praying for Mila and the entire medical team. Saying a special prayer for peace for mom and dad!

  8. Praying for sweet Mila and you all. It is so nerve wracking, I know. Our Joshua was not the first case of the day, either. It makes for a long day. If your day will be anything like ours was, you will have to spend the whole time from handing her over to being able to see her again in one room with a bunch of other people you don't know, waiting, waiting, waiting. I would bring some books, magazines, the Bible-something to try to take your mind off things (hard, I know!) Every once in a while, one of the phones would ring with an update about how the surgery was going. They do try to keep you updated throughout. One of us had to be in the room at all times per their policy, so we took turns running down to the cafeteria to eat.

    The RMH is SUCH a blessing to have during this time!!

    Deep breaths. Know that so many people are covering you all in prayer at this time. ((hugs))

  9. I already started praying. :) Sally H

  10. All prayers to Mila AND her parents, as I know how tough this is :( I also get teary eyed when I think of THAT day. Unbelievable how much these small babies have to undergo. But it's all for the better! A big hug for you, Sarah!

  11. Prayers being said here. I know it is frustrating for her time to be moved and you not know why, but let me remind you of what you posted just yesterday:

    "Some luck lies in not getting

    what you thought you wanted

    but getting what you have,

    which once you have it

    you may be smart enough to see

    it is what you would have wanted

    had you known...."

    ~ Garrison Keillor

    Trust there is a good reason and even if you never find out what it is, have faith that the surgery will happen when it is supposed to.

  12. I am praying for your family now and will tomorrow as well. Praying for comfort and peace for you mama. Praying for the surgeon and their team and for God to guide their hands. Praying for your little bean Mila, for her comfort from any pain and a quick speedy recovery and for rosy pink cheeks once her little heart is repaired!

    She already looks so healthy now that she has been home. I know once her heart is able to work properly it is going to continue to propel her!!

  13. Covering your family in prayers this week. May you feel peace that only God can give. Blessings...

  14. Prayers and wishes for an uncomplicated surgery and swift and complete recovery for Miss Mila are being sent. Your little jelly bean is such a cutie-pie...

    Thinking of you all,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  15. Praying for you all and the doctors who will be doing the surgery on sweet Mila, looking forward to the post saying she is in recovery and doing well!!!!

  16. Hi,

    Just came across with the blog while browsing Reece's Rainbow Adoption page.
    I couldn't stop reading it and tears ran down my fave several times.

    Just wanted you to know that I'll be praying hard for the little Jelly Bean tomorrow. She's such a cutie. :-)

    Lots of love and prayers from Spain,


  17. Mila will be in our prayers tomorrow - praying for wisdom for the doctors and a speedy recovery for Miss Mila!

    Oh - and peace for her parents too!


  18. Dear Miss Sarah,
    I know from way too much personal experience that it's awful to have your baby's surgery bumped, but one of the anesthesiologists reminded me a few years ago that if your baby gets bumped, it's because a littler, sicker, more fragile baby needs a surgery that just can't wait. And it's WAY better to have the bigger, stronger baby who is having a planned-ahead surgery instead of an emergency surprise surgery. I know it still is going to be such a hard day tomorrow, but ever since I started trying to think of things like the anesthesiologist suggested, it helped a little. We will light a candle for Mila in the morning to remind us to hold you, her and her doctors in prayer until you post that she's out of surgery and fine...

  19. We are ALL praying for Mila, Shawn, Zoya and you.
    Please know that there is an army of people thinking and praying for you all!!!
    Vanessa D.

  20. Many prayers are coming your way from California. May God bless all of you and the doctors...

  21. Saying my prayers for a smooth surgery, gifted surgeon hands, and peace for mommy and daddy waiting for their little girl to recover quickly.


    All our love!


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