Tough afternoon

Mila had an awful past 3 was like fighting an angry 200 pound man! She was twitching and shaking and heart rate at 200....she was ripping out her oxygen and ripped the stickers right off her face...she won against the mittens and the swaddle we put her in 478 times. 

They finally think they figured out she is going through precedeux (sedative) withdrawls....poor babe. They gave her some meds to help and had to restart the precedeux...she's still fighting sleep a little but soon hopefully she will feel better. That was an awful 3 hrs. If the meds dont help bring her heart rate down they might need to do an EKG to check for arrhythmia.  Prayers for peace and strength for Mila and me...shawn went home to take care of zoya until tomorrow so I probably wont be able to update much..thanks!


  1. Oh, poor little Mila! This must be so frightening for he. I hate to think of your sweet baby being so scared and uncomfortable, but on the other hand, it certainly demonstrates her strong determination, which will serve her well once she's on the mend.

    I'm glad her meds have been tweaked, and hope that will help things settle down.

    Sending prayers and good wishes for a peaceful evening for Mila - and for you.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Oh unbelievable those little ones can be. I used to sedate kids for MRI's and lost many a battle to one. Prayers for her and you!

  3. Hi Sarah, I know you don't know me in person but I sure wish I lived closer so I could come sit with you awhile and you could rest while I kept watch over precious Mila! Unfortunately, that can't happen but I know that the Lord is holding your entire family in the palm of His hand and that He will bring healing, rest and peace thru this stressful time. (And THAT, of course, is the BEST medicine of all!) Hugs and prayers.

  4. Oh poor sweet baby. Poor mommy. I hope she is resting now and you can breathe again. I wish you could call a friend to come sit with you. It's easier to have company in times like this. I am praying for Mila and all of you.

  5. Hang in there Mila girl. Your heart is fixed, and you have gotten through the worst of it. Mom and Dad, you hang on too! There have been challenges that you have posted about, but Mila is IN LOVE with life and after the miraculous changes in her between meeting you and you coming back to get her for good, I know she is IN LOVE with you and her sister. She will work through the challenges and come out a strong(er), healthy and ready to live life to its fullest little girl. Go Mila Go! You keep on fighting girl (when its not detrimental to your recovery) because you have everything to live for now!!!

  6. Prayers for your tough little girl. So sorry you had to see her go through that, it must have been very difficult :( Also sending prayers that tomorrow is so much better for Mila.

  7. Was she on the Precedex for longer than 24 hours? If so, that could be why she had the bad reaction when taken off of it.

    Praying for Mila & for you & Shawn (and Zoya). Hospitalizations are hard on everyone & I know how difficult it is to spend hours watching your baby struggle. (((hugs))) I hope Mila improves steadily from here.

  8. Dear Sarah,

    I have seen the baby of my best friend go through these withdrawls several times after open heart surgery (in Germany). That is normal. It is terrifying, I know. Some kids have to go through this several times, because they have to be given strong medecine (for pain, sedatives, etc) several times. My friend left for those times, because she could NOT see it. The doctor'S sait that babys going through the withdrawwl (unfortunately) do bot really know who is around them. So, if you really can't stand it, and if anyone else can do it for you and keep an eye on Mila durings those times, then leave the room for a couple of hours... You did everythings you can for Mila by giving her the opportunity of surgery. OHS is TERRIBLE, but there is no reason to feel guilty for that you caused Mila's actual situation!!! It will have an end. Even if she has arrhythmia, this happens quite often, too... My friend'S baby has a heart defect from which she would have died 10 days to 2 weeks after birth if it had not been repaired. She had surgery at the age of 8 days and than again at the age of 2 weeks because of several comolications. She had a follow up sugery with 9 month. Next week she will celebrate her 1. Birthday. She is nearly walking and babbling and smiling like a very normal kid.

    You will get there, too!!!

    Whishing you all the best,



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