Echo tomorrow....

Mila has her echo tomorrow at 11:00...they squeezed us in, which meant we had to cancel another appointment, but this is most important. I can't help but worry worry worry that she isn't getting better. She had an awful night last night not sleeping well at all and just very fussy again and crying in her sleep. I'm really really hoping its just teething (she's been chewing on her hands non stop for a few weeks) or a belly ache from the meds she's on, or just still being a little constipated from anesthesia. I am so nervous for the appointment but just praying there is no fluid around the heart. I start second guessing she has gained 8 ounces since being home, is that good because she's been eating decently or is that bad because it means more fluid? This road has been long and it seems every time we can begin to breathe again the other shoe drops....we're trying to stay positive but can't help but almost expect that something else might go wrong. I'm ready to get out of this rough ocean and enjoy the sand for a while....prayers for a good appointment tomorrow are appreciated.


  1. You guys have been through so much in a short time. Remember that Jelly Bean had MAJOR heart surgery just a short time ago...preceeded by surgery just a week before that. She seemed to bounce back so quickly each time but it has still been a huge strain on her little body. I was so surprised that she bounced back as quickly as she seemed to...but GOD! God is able! Still, she was pretty sick before you rescued her. I am asking and trusting God to see her through this rough patch, to restore her to the happy little Bean you have caught glimpses of. I'm not surprised she has trouble sleeping at night. I wonder how many nights she needed comforting and received nothing while she was an orphan. I suspect she knows how to get that comfort now and she seeks it especially when things are so quiet in the night. She knows that she loves the safety of your arms and the soothing sound of the love in your voice. Praying here tonight that her echocardiogram will look perfect tomorrow and that she will soon settle into a routine that shows you how your love has allowed her to feel safe and secure. Poor little bug has had a rough start at life. I pray that God would comfort her as the days and weeks go by until she knows because she knows because she knows that she is safe and so very loved! ((((BIG HUGS)))) to all of you!!

  2. Sending many prayers for tomorrow. It must be so hard with all she has going on medically. I know I second guessed everything when mine were healthy infants! Being a Mom is sooo hard on our hearts Let it go to God. Pray, pray, he knows the fears in your heart. Some days I feel like I pray to Mary all day long to help me be a good Mom and guide me.

  3. Praying tomorrow brings great news that Mila is finally on the road to recovery and better health.

    Praying that Mommy/Daddy and Zoya get some much needed rest and relaxation.

    Praying for Mommy to find peace in the midst of those days that are filled with twists and turns that has her questioning everything.

    Praying that Zoya enjoys her lunchtime at school.

    My friends you are all in my thoughts and prayers!


  4. Good luck to you at Mila's appointment, and the prayers, they are a-comin'!!

  5. praying for your beautiful little girl


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