Happy 10 Month Birthday Jelly Bean!

Mila is teaching us that we need to celebrate every single day. We certainly do not take her life for granted. We have seen how fragile life is through her struggles. Today is Mila's 307th day alive. THAT is something to celebrate. And it will be something to celebrate tomorrow on day 308 and every day after for the rest of her beautiful life.  She has survived by the grace of God for 307 days; only 54 of those days in America. That means she spent 253 days mostly alone, sick, some of those days in intensive care in a hospital in Ukraine, some of those days in isolation in an orphanage. 253 days people! Every single day she woke up, still alive, just holding on, waiting for her miracle. Remember that when you're having a bad day and you don't want to get out of bed in the morning. She is such an inspiration. She is a miracle. Only God can be glorified through her story. I can't wait to understand and watch His plan for her unfold. All I know is that His plan is magnificent. It's like waiting to unwrap the first gift of Christmas when you're 5 years old, but even better. I wish I could peek in and see what beautiful things He has in store for her.

Today I'm reminded that I hope we never forget how fleeting and fragile and beautiful this one and only ife is.

Mila, an hour ago, through the pain and tears she mustered up a smile.
In all she is going through she managed to smile, even if it was only for a second.


  1. Oh beautiful girl....praying so hard for you to feel better!!!! Your mommy is very wise indeed. She knows the value of life. You are one very blessed baby girl!!! (((HUGS))) little one!!!

  2. Gorgeous Mila...happy 10 month birthday. So glad that now each and every day you wake up loved and taken care of. Now, you get better soon!!!

  3. You are indeed a MIRACLE, BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS MILA Jelly Bean!!!
    We keep PRAYING for complete HEALING!!!
    GOD is ABLE and has MIGHTY plans with your LIFE!!!
    Kisses from afar, the Müllers

  4. We are praying for sweet Mila! Yes, she is an inspiration (and so is her family!).
    Mary (a faithful reader from Atlanta)

  5. Precious girl!!! She is a fighter for sure.

  6. You're making me cry! Both because you've touched my heart with your words and sadness because that poor baby is so sick and I can feel both the love and worry in your words.
    It's kinda like that picture. That poor baby looks so sick, but yet there is so much joy in that smile. Right now is a tough time, but the love and hope and the faith in our Lord shines through in that smile and in her Mama's heart. I pray that the Lord lifts your entire family up this day as well as the days to come and that there are many happy, carefree days of celebration in the near future for you all.

  7. Oh her smile melts my heart! Praying your family through this process!

    ("Mary L." on RR soon to be mamma)

  8. I hope your daddy bought you a pony sweet angel!! If not you tell him you want one or else aunt shelly will have to come out there and get you one!

  9. Happy 10 months Mila! I haven't met you or your family, but have been reading about you for quite a while now. I just know you will come out on top of all of this. You make me smile everytime I see your pictures!
    Your cheerleader in California,

  10. Oh pretty girl! Happy 10 months sweetie! Get better quick!

  11. praying for a great day today!!!



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