Out of surgery!

Mila is out and extubated. They drained 72 cc's of fluid! Praise God. They're keeping the drain in until tomorrow.


  1. Oh thank God! And how wonderful that she was able to be extubated quickly! The prayers will be flowing tonight for NO complications and more prayers until she is back home with her big sister Zoya!! Try to get some rest tonight!! (((HAPPY HUGS)))!!

  2. Thanks for the update. I've prayed a Rosary for Mila this afternoon. Big hug :-)

  3. Praising God that they got the fluid off and continuing to pray.

  4. Praying for you all and your beautiful girl.


  5. Will continue to pray for your baby girl!!!
    Hope she bounces back quickly!!!
    Take care of yourselves...she and Zoya need you both healthy!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  6. Thank you so much for keeping us updated--I've never met you but have seriously been checking this blog every few hours today to see how Mila's doing. I hope things continue to go well and she gets to go home soon, finally feeling 100%.


  7. Our family just prayed together for Mila'complete healing.
    May God's kingdom come and may His will be done on earth
    as it is in heaven inside of Mila's precious body. May God bless
    you all with peace that passes all human understanding.
    May His grace carry you through this difficult time and may your
    your faith be strengthened more than you can imagine.
    Thank you for posting updates through your unimaginable pain.
    Thank you for giving our family and others the honor and privilege
    of praying for Mila and your whole family.


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