Our beautiful seed is starting to sprout....seriously...where did my tiny itty bitty helpless baby go?? She's doing big baby things now like playing in her exersaucer (even though her feet don't reach without a blanket under them) and eating in her high chair and rolling over and over and over, making raspberries, and whining if she gets bored or if we don't feed her fast enough! She's interacting more and smiling a lot! She's no longer content just hanging out....she wants music and lights and action! If you think she looks bigger she IS! She is packing on the chub!
Being cheered on by big sister :)
First time sitting in her big girl high chair!

Blowing raspberries
Ready to eat like a little birdie!
MMMMM squash!
The master teaching her student...fist demonstrate

Then do some hand over hand
And the piano lessons by Zoya paid off....Mila's first concert! Enjoy!
yum prunes and rice cereal!

I love anything on a spoon!

What do you mean I have something on my face? I thought I got it all....darn it.

so full of expression!

I think I have the hang of this spoon thing!
Check out that Buddha belly! How about those dimples in her thighs??? Oh how she is changing and growing!

Yay for KNEE FAT!!!!!!

smiley girl because she knows she is about to eat!

Eye lashes have sprouted!! They used to be non existant!

Oh one of my favorites....sweet sweet girl!

What are we waiting for mom? Feed me already!

If I smile will you feed me?

Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous!
With love, good food, and medical attention, our seed is sprouting....she's going to blossom into the most beautiful, unique, breath-taking flower! I love watching our flower grow!


  1. She looks like a different child! She's so beautiful.


  2. Amen! That is all I can think to say in reply to this wonderful post. :)

  3. AHH, could your girls be any cuter!!?? I think not. Mila girl is looking so so healthy! The 6th picture up from the bottom is by far my newest favorite!

  4. OH MY!!!! Sarah, she is like a different little person!! It's amazing how much feeling better has changed her! I'm SO happy that she is well. Is it me, or does she look like Zoya? Hmmm...

  5. Oh my goodness! That first picture of them with the piano melted me, adorable!

  6. Do love that sweet dirty face and that Buddha belly!!. Seeing her so big and happy makes me smile. God bless you all, Sarah

  7. Every time there are new pictures I marvel at how different her little face looks! Her color, her skin, her hair, her eyes are brighter...everything! That big huge smile must be so rewarding.

  8. Lucky me, I am right next door! What a pleasure to watch both girls grow...

  9. And so do I!!!! She is perfect!!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into her day! Love the piano concert and love the expressions and love love love the smiles!!!! and the eyelashes.....and the belly...and the thighs...and the knees....(((HUGS)))!!!

  10. Ohh my goodness, the change is amazing!

  11. Beautiful, inspiring, amazing. Thanks for the lift!

  12. Love the chub - love the smiles - love the big sister teaching little sister - you have one beautiful family!

  13. Yay for pudge! What a change in just a few months. I love your updates! It sounds like you're getting some rest too. Have a great weekend with your precious family! :0)

  14. I also love watching the transformation. She is absolutely beautiful and I just love the smiley pictures. Love is an amazing thing and its so clear that Mila is loved A LOT! Enjoy every minute :)

  15. Ohhhhhh how I love love love seeing her sprout!!!! Love me some Budha belly and knee fat!!! You rock Mila....keep up the good work girlie!!!!! I cannot WAIT to watch your journey with Zoya and Mom and Dad!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  16. I love watching her grow, too!

  17. She has the sweetest expressions. Wonderful to see her doing so well!!!!

  18. I LOVE all the pictures!!! Both girls are so beautiful!

    So glad Mila is finally officially on the mend.


  19. Reading the comments I realise how much joy these 2 girls bring to many people, even just by seeing the pictures or the videos. They're such a blessing !!

  20. Thanks for giving us all our "Mila Fix!!!" Your girls are both so gorgeous!!

  21. your pictures are beautiful..and inspirational to me. Good luck!!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow bcd if you can.

  22. You have two very beautiful daughters! I'm so happy that Milan is feeling better & growing so well!

  23. I can't believe how big she's gotten in just a few weeks! These pictures are award winners for sure! She reminds me sooo much of my Conor at that age (he's now 8). Anyway, I wanted to say I wish I'd had a seat with those shoulder straps for our high chair; what a great idea for a child with low tone.

    Hugs to you all,


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