Sunday, September 30, 2012

43 Documents for Curlie Girlie!

For those of you who have never completed an international adoption, the paper chase is quite a marathon! I can say the 3rd time around has been easier!  For our dossier to adopt Curly Girlie (my lovely nickname for our hopeful daughter) we have 43 documents. Each document needs to be notorized, and the apostilled. "Apostille" is a big fancy word for "a certification to show that that notary who notorized our documents is really real and the document can hold up in another country." (I'm sure there is a much more proper definition, but I'm keepin' it real here!)

Each state charges a different amount for apostilles. We just happen to live in a state that charges FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER DOCUMENT WITH NO CAP! So 43 documents times $15 is a whopping $645 just for some shiny gold stickers! But, of course it's all worth it for Curly Girlie!

There is our paper baby Ready to go! 

Thanks for those of you who have bumped up our FSP <3 Much love!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

One More Treasure....

So you probably made it here from our BLOG or from our Reece's Rainbow Profile

I will be blogging here to update our family and friends about our third adoption journey! We are so excited to bring baby girl #3 home!!!!! We hope to bring "Zofia" home very soon!

We're counting on surprised reactions, but from those who know us best, they may have seen this coming even before we did <3 Those are some true, tuned-in friends! 

Why adopt another child with special needs?  Why not have "our own"? Why, Why, Why? Plain and simple, because we are here to please an audience of ONE and when He calls there is no denying THAT call! Did we see ourselves being parents of 3 children with Down Syndrome? No, never. Do we think this is going to be a ride in the park? Nope. Do we think it will be a completely beautiful, God-lead life? Absolutely! 

Thanks for sharing in our journey once again! We are truly blessed beyond measure!