Another Picture...

I made a new header to reflect our new journey! I love these two pictures because it reminds me a little of Mila who NEVER keeps her socks on. I imagine the picture on the right was taken first, followed by the picture on the left. Look at that mischievous grin! Yep, she'll fit right in with her sisters!

Many of you have asked if "Zofia" is older or younger than Mila. She is younger but not by much! So technically, Mila will be a big sister and middle child :) 

She has Down Syndrome and no heart condition that we know of. 

I find myself staring at her pictures throughout the day wondering all kinds of things about her! I can't wait to kiss those cheekies! Curly Girly your mama and daddy are coming soon! 


  1. She looks like she has been well cared for! Of course we know that is a matter of perspective. She is going to bring you so much (more) joy!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  2. Totally precious beyond words!!! What a blessing for your family and for this angel that lives in a country that sadly does not she how AMAZING she is:)

    Susan from Boston

  3. She looks healthier and pinker than Mila did, so hopefully that is a good thing for her before you save her:) Do you mind sharing how you came to know her and what touched you about adopting her (besides the obvious - that she is such a cutie patootie!!). Congratulations and good luck!


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