Dossier Mailed!

Shawn was able to get all 43 documents apostilled at our state capital this morning! He is such a trooper and drove the whole 5 hours there and back! He followed my checklists to a T and mailed our dossier to a family who is travelling soon! I can't begin to tell you the stress that takes away (and money saved) knowing a family will be hand carrying our dossier instead of it flying over with a mail service! One of our dossiers was temporarily lost and that isn't something I wish on anyone! Once that dossier is complete it really is like a paper baby!

I have this sense of urgency to get to our curly girlie! She appears to be doing fabulous, so it won't be a repeat of what we went through with Mila, but none the less, once you know in your heart that your baby is out there waiting for you, that sense of urgency is no different! Our timeline looks like travel could be in December or January, but that is just an estimate. Adoptions in Eastern Europe sort of follow their own timeline and each adoption is different.

Tonight I'm going to bed dreaming of 3 beautiful daughters!


  1. I don't know if you can say or not, but is it possible for you to discreetly say yes or no if curly girlie is in Ukraine? My daughters are from there and I think yours are too...

  2. I am laughing with joy and in excitement! I was cleaning up my Favorite list and clicked on this page. I hadn't looked at because i was following Angel Eyes! What exciting news to watch you go on your next journey for the little one! The other two girls are just precious too! I followed you when you started with your second daughter! Thank you for keeping us posted! Looking forward to watching this journey unfold!


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