Okay so there is really no update here if you were expecting one! BUT, we are just getting so excited when we think about bringing Zofia home!! It's becoming more and more real each day that we will soon have THREE CHILDREN! To some that sounds like a lot, while to others you are probably thinking "wow life was easy with only 3 children" (if you're a bigger family!). 

I find myself thinking about her often throughout the day, seeing her at our kitchen table with the girls, picturing her in her crib, in the car going on trips with us, in the bathtub with her sisters, playing in the playroom, swinging away on our indoor swing. I picture her sweet smile, but this time a smile that reflects love and family and a feeling of being valued. Today I pictured two babies eating dog food.....then I reminded myself to put "find new home for dog food station" on my to-do list because Mila is getting so quick at getting to that bowl and chowing down on some dog food before I can even stop her! Oh the trouble that will abound with two 1-2 year olds (and a big sister who will probably be the ring leader!) But, oh, what fun we will have! 

We heard that there is a possibility we could travel before Christmas! It would be amazing to have her home for Christmas, what a gift that would be! Our dossier is in country and being translated, but we're not sure when it will be submitted! It could be much sooner than we planned, in which case, we'd be thrilled! I added our Reece's Rainbow Button to the right-hand column on the blog. If you feel led to make a donation toward our adoption expenses (tax deductible) you may click on that button and it will take you to our FSP on Reece's Rainbow! 

Curlie Girlie we are getting closer! 


  1. so excited for you! i've been following along since before you got zoya. can you please tell us all (in detail)how you were led to this new sweetie? was she on R.R. too? what made you do it again? etc?

  2. That would be great if she was home for Christmas! Do you have any idea how long it takes to translate the documents? Also the country and region you are adopting from.. do they have a wait period?

  3. Excited right along with you!!! Three times the mischief and three times the hair bows!!! Love it!!! ((((BIG HUGS)))!!!


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