Happy Dance! We were submitted today!!!! 
This means we *could* be travelling in 6-8 weeks to meet Curlie Girlie!!! 
Woah super fast!!!! So excited. 

Some of you were asking for some more details on how we were led to adopt again and about Curlie Girlie in particular and for now we've decided not to share many details publicly like we have in the past. No worries, though, we'll share more eventually! 


  1. Yaaaayyy!!! She is SO adorable! I hope you get to bring her home amazingly quickly!

  2. AMAZING! Once again you are the master of the fastest adoption! I really hope you can travel soon! IS it possible to have her home for Christmas? I sure hope so... Ill ask santa for my gift now.
    Dear Santa,
    Id like Little Curlie Girlie to be home with her family for Christmas :)
    Do you have a donate button to put on your page? Not that I cant go into RR and find it to make donations but I was just wondering if you knew it was not up.
    CONGRATS once again..... I cant wait to see this all unfold

    1. Yes, so fast, right?!?! It may be possible depending on how quickly we get court on our first trip! Our donate button is up on the blog in the right hand column, I double checked when I click on it and it seems to be working....let me know if it's not working from you end! It has a black background and looks a little different than the ones we've had before! Thanks!!!!

    2. Thats probably why... Im used to the others that say donate with the little button :) keep the updates coming......

  3. Happy dancing with you!!!! (((Hugs)))!!!

  4. Wow this is so amazing! I will be praying for you guys!

  5. Hi, I've been reading your Angel Eyes blog for a few weeks now and have now read this blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and your sweet sweet girls. Good luck on the adoption of your third sweetheart! I'll pray that the process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible- so you have her in your arms!

  6. Congratulations! How exciting!

  7. Such great news! Happy for you!


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