We're hoping to hear our travel date this week! Maybe even as soon as TOMORROW!!!!! I'm not going to be able to sleep at all!

I've been "nesting" as some say! We cleaned the entire basement yesterday which was no small feat, I also cleaned the small mudroom/laundry room from head to toe. We ended up with lots of bags of trash and a less cluttered house! I cleaned out every closet, cupboard, drawer, etc. you can imagine! I was a crazy woman yesterday and today I'm feeling it! I made 3 dozen gluten free pancakes today to freeze and need to make some more food to freeze for when we're gone! I'm stocking up on household supplies and having trouble stopping to just breathe lately! The weird dreams, which have been consistent with every adoption, have started up in full force again. Sometimes I wake up in a panic and other times I wake up wishing I could go back to sleep and continue the dream!

Our magnet fundraiser ends ONE WEEK FROM TODAY and we are $295 short of our goal. For a donation of at least $20 via chip in, you can receive a calendar magnet with a new picture of our Curlie Girlie! Please donate if you're able! As we get down to the wire here we feel the nerves a bit more as far as funding (among other things). Thanks, as always, for your love and support!

Here's hoping I have some awesome news to share tomorrow!!!!!!!!!


  1. That would be great if tomorrow was the day..... Ill keep my fingers crossed!

  2. and now I am going to have trouble sleeping too! Love that you are nesting so extremely!! Praying that your big news comes tomorrow!! (((HUGS)))!


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