One week from today we will be on our way across the ocean to meet Curlie Girlie!! I can hardly believe it! The week leading up to leaving is TORTURE, I tell ya! I keep crossing things off my list and then adding more. Each day that passes, I think of more things I didn't think of already! I should be a pro at this, with it being our third adoption and all! This time around it's been a bit harder having two little ones at home and trying to carry on the day to day activities with them AND prepare to leave! My brain has officially turned to adoption mush and I can't be held responsible for remembering anything anyone tells me!

Curlie Girlie has been on my mind every second of the day lately. When I feed Mila her lunch, I wonder if Curlie Girlie will like what she's eating. When I take my 14th trip to Target for things needed for our trip, I wander through the baby toy isle and wonder if she'll like the light up music toys just as much as her sisters. When I give the girls a bath, I picture Curlie Girlie right there with them splashing away. I am so thankful for this opportunity to share our love with one more precious child! My heart is bubbling with love, just waiting to be poured out onto our sweet girl! Out of all the things that go through my mind, I just keep picturing meeting her! My memories of "metcha day" with our other two girls are so vivid in my mind. Those moments are ones that I can remember so freshly by closing my eyes. When I play back their metcha days in my head it's as if it's all happening in slow motion. I can still feel the anticipation of waiting for the caregivers to bring out our daughters. I get butterflies every time I look at Curlie Girlie's picture and imagine making that memory with her! I don't know if I can fully comprehend the ways the Lord is working in our lives and in our hearts currently. BUT, I do know, I'm holding tight to Him!

Hereeeeeeee we gooooooooooo! The count down is on!!


  1. I know it has been a long time coming but these past couple of months have flown by for me I can't believe it is already here. Time to pack and meet that little lady guys, may you have nothing but a wonderful safe and smooth trip. I like everyone else will be glued to the computer of the blog and FB for updates and reports on how things are going. The girls will be well taken care of at home, you have no worries there with the wonderful support system you have surrounding you God has taken care of it all.

    Give that sweet girl a kiss from me. May God walk with you, be there should you need a little boost to get you thru.

    All our love! As always our hearts go with you as you go to meet the newest family member. :) Welcome little one to the Basile Family.

    1. Thank you! You almost made me cry :) Love ya!

  2. I'm so happy for you ... and at the same time? I don't want you to leave meeeee! LOL


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