Tiny Footprints....

Our appointment is in just over two hours. I've been up on and off since 2:30 AM unable to sleep. The mix between jet lag, exhaustion, nerves, and excitement made sleep difficult for me! This feeling of being so close, yet so far away from our daughter is surreal. We are praying that everything goes well this morning. If so, we will likely be on our way to her region tomorrow night after we pick up the referral.

This city is so beautiful. The lights, the non-stop sound of busy cars driving to and from, the hustle and bustle of people....there is so much life here in this city. In so many ways, life just seems normal here. It's hard to believe so many children are suffering in orphanages so very close to all of this life. With each adoption, I've been shocked all over again by the stark contrast between plenty and nothing. How can so many have so much while others have so little?

My thoughts are all over the place. God is working in my heart once again in ways that I know I don't understand yet. I've realized that every little happening from day to day weaves a piece of our stories. Things that seem inconsequential at the time are often tiny footprints leading us on our path. I'm trying to be more aware, more intentional with each moment that passes by in this beautiful life!


  1. My good friend just moved to the capital city a few months ago and she just loves it! She has been begging me to come visit her..... Good luck at your appointment. How far is "Zofia's" region from where you are?

  2. It's so good to hear from you! By now you have probably had your appointment and I just pray that all is going smoothly and that God is making his presence so known to you!! I'll be checking in a LOT to see where those tiny footprints are leading!! (((BIG BIG HUGS)))!!!


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