Day 6 In Country!

We've been visiting twice a day for a couple of hours each time. During our morning visit she usually gets pretty tired. She typically naps around 10:30. Today she fell asleep on me around 10:00 and we took her back, still sleeping, around 10:30. She said Dada again today while looking at Shawn! Still not sure if she's made the connection but it surely appeared that way! She is definitely starting to understand we are there for her and perks up when she sees us coming into her groupa! It's so hard because toward the end of her visit, it's as if she knows we're leaving. She gets very somber and holds onto me very tightly as I walk her back. It's already breaking my heart. I'm praying for things to move quickly so she can be home with her family where she belongs! Here are some black and white pictures of our little curlie girlie from our two visits today! We laughed when they put a "frog" outfit on her for the evening visit! We thought of Zoya's history with the word "frog" and just laughed. We are missing our girls at home, but so thankful we have this time to be with our girl here! 

This child is seriously so full of happiness, it is unreal! Her spirit is amazing! 

She looked adorable in her hat from Aunt Corrine! 


Every so often she'll get serious and just stare at us, checking us out and giving us some beautiful soulful eye contact. Her eyes tell such a story! 

A pretty bow for our pretty girl! 

Dolly baby! 

"Look what I have!"

She looks like I imagine heaven to be when she sleeps. 

Sleeping right next to my "loved" necklace from Auntie Jodi....perfect picture! 

I have to wonder if she's ever been able to just fall asleep in arms like this before. When she starts getting tired she wants to just be held and we don't mind one bit! 

I love her perfect little mouth, her button nose, her tear-drop chin, and her wisps of hair! 

She is a crawling maniac! We're going to have to babyproof a bit more! Mila is still army crawling and not so fast and prefers to mostly stay in the same place to play, but this one....we're in trouble here!  I love it!

Safe in Daddy's arms forever! 

Love this squishy happy baby face! 

This is her stinker face! She is learning to blow raspberries too! 

So content just snuggling! 
We do have a name chosen for her and will announce it after court :) Sorry to keep you all waiting but you'll just have to pray for a quick court date if for no other reason than to hear her name LOL! 

Our girls at home are doing well and we are so thankful for those who've stepped up to be with them when we can't. I look forward to the day all of our girls are under the same roof. This part of the process is tough having half of our family one place, and the other half in another. Soon enough they'll all be together, though! 


  1. I keep watching for your updates and photos. She is so precious and one can tell she is so content and feels safe with the two of you.

  2. Awww Sarah and Shawn.... she is so adorable. Prayers for a quick court date and getting that precious babe home as quickly as possible. So glad your other little ladies are doing well too. Really enjoying your updates. Thanks for letting me follow along.

  3. Another bead loving girl in the household, yippee!!!!

  4. She's perfect!!!!
    You can tell she just belongs in your family :)

  5. I can not get over how adorable she is!!

  6. Adorable pictures of an adorable little girl! Can't wait for you to announce her name :-) Will you share her birth name / keep it as part of her name?

  7. Wow does her spirit shine through! I'm so happy you've found her and will continue to give that spirit the opportunity to shine. Praying for a quick court date!

  8. She is so beautiful! And she looks so healthy and plump! Thank you for sharing your story!

  9. Congratulations!

    No more words needed...

    Just one question: I think your kept Zoya's birth name but gave Mila a new name? Habe you ever explained, why? I am really interested in that as I have applied for the adoption of an older child. I will probably not want to change the name of a child who is used to it, but what if it's really uncommon here (Belgium)...

    I would also like to know why you will not keep the birth name of your third daughter!



    1. You're right about Zoya and Mila...guess you'll have to wait and see what we've decided with Curlie Girlie! :) I will explain it all once we announce her name!

    2. Looking forward to it! Tahnks for your answer!
      I am hoping for a court date for you, soon...


  10. oh my Sarah!! she is a doll!! i love the fact that she has curly hair!!

    looks like she is bonding great with you, and of course could not be in other way! congrats! and hoping for a soon court day for you, not only for we can know the name of your new daughter, but that you all can be home together really quick!!

    hugs !!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I just love seeing the pictures of all your girls. Miss Curlie Girlie will fit right in and looks so much like you! It was meant to be. Prayers for a speedy court date and comfort for your whole family until you are all together!

    1. Several people have said she looks like me....she reminds me a lot of my Grandma <3

  12. God this is amazing. I cannot wait till you guys get to bring her home. I have so many questions like how long till she comes home? How many children are there? How is she? You both look so happy when your near her? I hipe your christmas and hers is wonderful


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