Day 9 and a Hopeful Court Date

We got to see our babe twice today, as usual. I really look forward to walking into her groupa and watching her light up! It makes my whole day! I can't wait to wake up to that face for the rest of my life :) This afternoon she was in a walker when we came in. Some of the other babies were sleeping and some were sitting at the table looking bored. They picked out some cute purple overalls for her (the only time they take her out of her orphanage sleeper is when we take her out of the room, so they dress her each time). We take one diaper for each visit as the children do not wear diapers inside the groupa :( We're working on a plan to get a whole bunch of diapers as a donation to the orphanage...more to come on that later. Tonight they let me dress her and I loved it. The overalls they picked out were Carters size 9 months. I'm thinking she'll be in this size only another month more maybe and then into 12 months. She is growing very well and the biggest (and oldest) child in her groupa. I've never had the chance to dress either of the other girls until gotcha day so this was special! 

I apologize for the poor quality photos...the room has bad lighting and everything is orange-ish! In real life her hair really only has a hint of strawberry blonde...these pictures make her hair look much redder than in real life. 

She is teething! She loves this vibrating teether. She has her front two top and bottom teeth and two molars coming through on the top at least. 

We tried out the straw cup...she tried hard to figure it out but wasn't able to get any water through the straw...they don't really use cups or bottles here, most of her fluid intake is mixed with food so I'll have to figure out what the best plan is for getting her to drink! 

What a mischievous face! 

First attempt at a Christmas photo of the three of us!  Stinker baby! 

If I had time to do a Christmas card, this would be cute, along with a picture of us with our babes at home! 

Practicing snow angels when she's allowed out ;) 

Blurry but way too cute not to share! 

This picture reminds me so much of Mila!!! 

Playing games with Daddy again! 

Full of kisses tonight! 

We have a court date scheduled with the judge for next THURSDAY, December 13th at 2:30pm. The plan was to have court the following day, but the court is closed on that day. We have paperwork that needs to be signed in the capital and sent back here via train (15 hours via train). Our facilitator in the capital thought for sure the documents would be here by Friday, but wasn't 100% about them being here Thursday. So we are hoping and praying that the paperwork gets signed on time (early even) and that we can go ahead with our scheduled court date a week from tomorrow. We are working on plane tickets to get us home either next Friday or Saturday night and will have to change those if court doesn't happen. Things always seem to come down to the wire for's possible that we won't know until the morning of our scheduled court if it will happen or not. So PLEASE pray that the paperwork would be signed early and here in plenty of time! We are so looking forward to officially being named the parents of the daughter of our hearts! 


  1. Praying for papers to come on time. Wow--that's some serious shag in that rug--you could almost lose Zofia in it!

  2. I could look at pictures of your sweet girl all day! She is so happy happy happy!! We will be praying for that Thursday court date!! Can't wait!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!

  3. She's absolutely beautiful!! Some pictures reminds me of Mila. And I think you have a daddy's girl in your hands!! ;)

  4. Loving your blog posts!! Zofia is such a sweetheart!! I'm nervous to hear the answer, but if the children don't wear diapers in the groupa, what do they wear? Nothing?!

  5. Curlie Girlie has such wonderfully animated expressions--she's just too cute for words! Love the photos of you all by the Christmas tree. Praying for expedited signing of the paperwork!!! Great news on the court date---praying God's Hand over all the details!

  6. OH my goodness the cuteness factor in your home just keeps going up!

  7. Let's all pray that things go off as planned next Thursday.I am sure it will be so hard for you to leave your little angle when you fly back home but just think of all the joy you will have when you fly back to finally bring her home. Have you thought of taking pictures of yourself,enlarge them and leave them for her to look at while you are away? What about also leaving her with a tee shirt that each of you have worn and not washing it so she will have your smells to cuddle with.I just love reading your posts each day. Carol

  8. She is so beautiful just like her sisters. Can not wait to see them all together!! Is she coming home this visit or do you have to go back?

  9. She is beautiful just like her sisters can not wait to see them all together!! Will she be going home with you guys when you leave or will there have to be another trip?

  10. Every day she just gets cuter and cuter and her personality shines through the pictures. Prayers for everything to go well with Court.

  11. I'm confused about the babies not wearing diapers in their groupa. What do they wear?


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